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The small matter of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions was not going to stop EV Cargo Technology project manager Alvin Lee from celebrating his wedding last month.

Alvin, 29, tied the knot with Shiny in front of the 20 guests permitted by the Hong Kong government. However, dozens more watched the ceremony online thanks to a YouTube livestream feed.

“We started to plan the wedding from early last year,” Alvin told The Chain. “However, due to the Covid situation, and the restriction policy imposed by the government, we decided to also put the ceremony online so that more people could ‘attend’ the wedding.

“For most of our guests, it would have been the very first online wedding they’ve ever attended!”

In the weeks and months leading up the big day Alvin posted updates on an Instagram account while making final preparations for the livestream event.

“I never thought I’d end up being a YouTuber,” he said. “But thankfully everything went smoothly and it was a great day to remember.”

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