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He may be smaller than a rugby ball, but at just four weeks old little George Griffiths is one of England’s biggest fans.

And this weekend baby George will don his special Red Rose romper suit to watch the final of the Rugby World Cup with his dad David.

The pair have barely missed a match of this year’s tournament in Japan – a fact which hasn’t gone unnoticed by David’s colleagues at Adjuno, where he works as senior product marketing and strategy manager.

“George was born on October 4, just a couple of weeks after the start of the World Cup,” David says. “Because I was entitled to a fortnight’s paternity leave, it meant that I was able to watch all of the midweek group matches – while looking after George, of course.

“The timing is a complete coincidence, although nobody believes me. They know I’m a huge rugby fan and suspect that I planned the whole thing. I only wish I was that good at planning!”

Weighing in at just under 5kg at birth, George has a way to go before he matches England star Billy Vunipola, who weighs 130kg. But he’s already the proud owner of a designer Red Rose romper suit, which he wore for the World Cup Final match against South Africa. “Unfortunately it was the first time he’d seen England lose in the tournament,” David said. “But hopefully we can watch the lads lift the trophy in France in four years time!”

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