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EV Cargo’s aviation logistics experts help minimise downtime with unrivalled specialist global supply chain solutions.

Aerospace at a glance

EV Cargo is recognised as a world-class leader in aerospace logistics. We service the complex demands of the aviation industry worldwide on a true 24/7 basis, any size (AOG, OBC, charter, routine distribution, customs clearance, ramp access, warehousing stock solutions).

Customer support

We pride ourselves on our service and building robust and healthy long-term partnerships. Our aviation staff are on-hand 24 hours a day, providing a dedicated team for client solutions, with customers benefitting from our specialised aviation experience and connections worldwide.


We have a dedicated fleet with airside access and a comprehensive network of approved partner hauliers giving you access to an agile and efficient multimodal transport solution.


Our staff are EASA 145 and FAA trained, allowing us to provide goods inward inspection and aviation compliant storage solutions worldwide. We offer a wide range of inventory management features relating to asset tracking with batch and serial number control and can seamlessly connect with client systems.

Air Freight Shipment on a cargo plane

Aviation Logistics

EV Cargo is recognised as a world-class leader in serving the complex demands of the aviation industry worldwide. Our experts provide transportation, distribution, customs clearance, ramp access and warehousing solutions around the clock. With significant global operations, including South America, Africa, Europe and China, we provide total logistics support for all aircraft parts and all engine types.

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Fly High

Our dedicated and reliable services ensure priority treatment for shipments of aircraft parts including special transportation of all type of engines. By offering flexibility, agility and with a full range of services, we work as an extension of the airline’s own operation.

Unrivalled agility

Our aerospace logistics services are adaptable to provide flexible, fast-paced solutions and are managed by aerospace experts.

24/7 Service

Based on our extensive knowledge and 24/7 availability of aviation staff, we understand our customers’ objectives around minimising downtime and keeping aircraft flying.

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Worldwide Support

We keep the aerospace industry moving by transporting parts, systems, equipment and technology with full visibility.

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Fast-paced Deliveries

Time after time we demonstrate our absolute reliability, with the express delivery of parts and critical components. In the fast-moving and ever-adapting aviation environment our customers count on us to understand their needs and support their businesses.

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Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s aerospace industry supply chain

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day and can respond quickly to urgent and time-critical enquiries.

Yes, our staff are trained on aviation component handling and all logistical processes, such as customs compliance and dangerous goods handling.

Yes, we have an extensive worldwide network with operations in over 120 countries.


Tailored Aerospace Solutions

Every day businesses face challenges in the aerospace and aviation sector. At EV Cargo we understand those challenges and we tailor our solutions to meet your requirements and provide industry-specific solutions. These include:

  • Control tower
  • Monitoring shipments and resolving delays
  • AOG, OBC, charter or routine replenishment shipments
  • Ramp access
  • Oversized transport for engines or flaps
  • Project shipments

Find out more about EV Cargo’s aerospace industry supply chain service

If you have any queries about our aerospace supply chain service and how it can help your business, contact one of our experts today.

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