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Fashion Supply Chain

Fulfilment, distribution and processing for the fashion industry.

Fashion supply chain at a glance

EV Cargo is one of the largest international supply chain providers for the fashion sector, providing customers with an agile and responsive supply chain, seamless delivery of goods and hassle-free returns.

On a global basis we offer fashion retailers the latest solutions to address market challenges and opportunities. Vendor management, In-Hub value add service such as QC, pick and pack and direct-to-store programmes are initiatives deployed to optimise lead times and reduce costs.

Haute Couture & High Street

We transport the latest trends by air, ocean, rail and road for high value fashion houses, emerging and established brands and high street fashion retailers.

Full service

Our services include shipping, logistics and fulfilment for merchandise as well as packaging, point of sale and Goods not for Resale (GNFR).


Our global consolidation programs drive down cost, increase density and minimize the environmental impact of direct sourcing.


In excess of 250,000 sq ft of garment friendly warehousing in the UK alone, including the GOH operations.


For boutique fashion retail brands we offer fully outsourced capacity, handling end to end supply chain and customer fulfilment, We also have a ‘full stack’ photographic studio capability in Asia for static and modelled items.


Offering a blend of short sea legs and longer air freight legs, making it faster and more cost-effective than ocean freight without the premium cost and impact of direct air.

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Fashion sense and global reach

As specialists in the fashion industry, EV Cargo’s experience, global reach and infrastructure support the supply chain networks of leading fashion retailers and many growing brands. We deliver specialised solutions for garments on hangers and other value adding services.

In the UK alone we have excess of 250,000 sq ft of garment friendly warehousing space, strategically located to enable the greatest reach, whilst ideally located for inbound or outbound freight movements by road, rail, air and ocean.

Located at Heathrow, our processing centre is the largest of its kind, processing over 10 million garments each year with capacity for 250,000 hanging garments and 500,000 flat packs. Our facility also offers 30,000 sq ft of climate-controlled dust free warehousing, steam tunnels, bagging machines, dolly presses, sealing machines and quality control.

Working in partnership

Delivery purchasing power

Our global network provides unrivalled purchasing strength for customers.

Global export

Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver.

Customs clearance

We have experts on the ground who can negotiate complex international customs requirements.

End-to-end product management

We will ensure your product reaches its destination with full visibility all the way.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s fashion industry supply chain

Our services include shipping, logistics and fulfilment for merchandise as well as packaging, point of sale and Goods not for Resale (GNFR). We consolidate millions of cartons worldwide every week for retailers around the world.

Eco Air is our unique concept, offering a blend of rapid ocean and premium air freight legs from on a global scale. Ultra-secure transhipment hubs in Singapore and South Korea turn around all cargo within 24-hours, providing, premium, reliable, and flexible solutions for the retail supply chain at a low cost.


Fashions that pack a punch

EV Cargo not only transports your goods in perfect condition, on time, every time, we can bring you savings, increase load-fill and cut the number of shipments you need with our packaging optimisation services.

For one major fashion retailer, we rationalised its 3,800 carton types to just 10 – a 99% reduction – while container fill increased from 80% to a market-leading 95%.

Lead times required from approving transit packaging to raising a packing list were cut from three days to a few minutes. The target of a 15% cost saving was quickly surpassed.

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If you have any queries about our retail fashion supply chain service and how it can help your business, contact one of our experts today.

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