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Live Animal Transport

Live Animal Transport at a glance

EV Cargo has the expertise and specialist skills to handle live animal shipments with the greatest care.


Import & export from a range of European airports, always guided by one of our team members at the airport and accompanied by a professional animal attendant or groom.


Customs is handled by our own fully licensed brokerage department.

Customer service

Our team operates around the clock to respond quickly and efficiently to urgent enquiries.

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Specialised Professionals

We understand the meticulous needs and regulations required for transporting live animals. Delivering animals quickly and in the best condition is our priority, all our processes are underpinned by our specialist expertise.

Every shipment is handled with great care and with the utmost resources available. We ensure that all animals are treated, documented and transported appropriately. EV Cargo uses a well-experienced team with specialised professionals to attend the loading of live animals.

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How EV Cargo Handles Live Animal Shipments By Air

Animal Attendants

Over the years we have built up a significant network of trusted animal attendants and grooms.

Horses Stalls & Cattle Crates

Our own horse stalls and cattle crates means we can book quickly onto a variety of airlines.


We have worked with many customers across various livestock sectors and have gained unrivalled knowledge.


We guarantee that animals travel comfortably and with care throughout the journey.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s live animal transport industry supply chain

Yes, it is possible to transport all animals safely by air.

With every horse shipment a professional groom will accompany the horse on the flight and make sure it has access to food and water during the journey.

To transport animals by air you need a qualified freight forwarder who knows how to safely move the animal, its specific transport and loading requirements and the correct documents that are required.

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Animals In Transit

When horses and cows are transported, a groom will accompany the animals during the flight and assist in offloading at the destination. All our grooms are trained, experienced and well educated on the health and safety of your live animal. The groom knows how to deal with any unexpected situations during the flight.

Find out more about EV Cargo’s live animal transport industry supply chain service

If you have any queries about our live animal transport supply chain service and how it can help your business, contact one of our experts today.

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