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EV Cargo specialises in providing integrated logistics solutions to all segments of the oil and gas industry. Our expertise is built around a strong network of specialists throughout the industry’s supply chain in Europe, the Middle East, America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Saftey first

Safely delivering end-to-end oil and gas logistics management


Our team of highly knowledgeable experts ensure your oil & gas project stays on time and on budget.

Global reach

Our global network of hubs and warehouses, and our team of experts bring customer-focused solutions to your oil & gas activities.

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Oil and Gas Distribution

Safety and efficiency are recognised as a priority when it comes to managing the logistics needs of the oil and gas sector. Built around our customer specific requirements for streamlined forwarding solutions, we remove the complexity, allowing customers to focus on their core business objectives.

EV Cargo provides flexible tailor-made industry solutions with 24/7 support to ensure safe, reliable and seamless end-to-end delivery. EV Cargo has extensive experience providing multifaceted freight solutions for all aspects of support required in end-to-end supply chain.

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EV Cargo

Providing oil & gas logistics expertise

Tailor-made logistics for oil & gas

Global delivery

Sector specific project management

Reliable and transparent end-to-end distribution

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s oil and gas industry supply chain

Yes, our project management team has the expertise to facilitate all project requirements, irrespective of complexity, on a door to door basis.

Yes, we are experienced in abnormal, high and heavy road movements. We operate daily, providing solutions incorporating the best method of transporting your cargo safely, on time and within budget.

Yes, we have control tower operations specifically set to manage global cross trade cargo moves.

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Safely delivering around the world

Facilities within the oil and gas industry can be found in the most remote areas of the world. They require specific expertise to minimise any downtime and ensure production and operations continue.

EV Cargo’s meticulous planning and supply chain services provide reliable and transparent end-to-end distribution for all oil and gas industry requirements.

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