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We work with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper and cardboard packaging brands and tailor our sustainable, cost-effective solutions to meet individual requirements.

Packaging at a glance

We have huge experience in transporting paper and cardboard packaging for FMCG, automotive and hospitality sectors and our responsiveness coupled with technology means we can easily adapt to changes, priorities and production schedules.


Decades of experience in the paper and packaging industry mean we can ensure the smooth delivery of goods across the globe.

Global presence

Local knowledge and a range of transport networks enables us to provide worldwide solutions which reduce environmental impact and unnecessary supply chain costs.


We get your goods where they need to be, while helping you to achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.

On-site support

We can embed team members on-site to support load planning, customer service and vehicle movements.

Optimised fleet

High-cube trailers allow us to maximise loading space and create both operational and environmental efficiencies.


We transport cardboard packaging for FMCG, automotive, hospitality, consumables and health and beauty use.

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A focus on efficiency and sustainability

We ensure the highest levels of efficiency and fleet utilisation by transporting raw materials, such as paper reels, into manufacturing plants and delivering the finished packaging products using the same vehicle to reduce miles and emissions.

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How EV Cargo can manage your packaging requirements

Operational network

By having a significant operational presence close to packaging manufacturing plants and their FMCG customers, we can ensure sustainable distribution by integrating transport into our national operations to keep empty running and emissions to a minimum.

Optimised fleet

Our fleet is optimised for transporting packaging products. High-cube trailers, with increased internal height, allow us to maximise the loading space and create both operational and environmental efficiencies.

Frequently asked questions about Packaging

Yes, we can seamlessly integrate your packaging transport into our national network operations to ensure efficiency, reduce transport miles and emissions. We already deliver raw materials to manufacturing plants and distribute products for FMCG packaging users.

We usually maintain an on-site presence with members of our planning team integrated into client operations and trailer shunting. That allows us to be agile and, combined with our leading technology and route planning systems, ensure we can respond quickly to changes in production scheduling.

Of course, we have a wide range of strategically located, high-quality warehousing facilities and EV Cargo offers a very competitive on-demand warehousing service for exactly these reasons.


Expertise blended with experience

To ensure the highest possible performance, customer service and planning, we usually have a number of EV Cargo employees integrated into the logistics team at manufacturing plants.

In addition to traditional paper and cardboard packaging, we also provide transport for some of the UK’s largest manufacturers of packing for food, consumables and health and beauty products.

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Speak to our team of packaging experts

Whatever your packaging needs and requirements, our experienced team will guide you through the whole process and provide a bespoke solution you can rely on.