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Paper, Print and Recycling

Our global network has extensive experience in the print and publishing sector.

Paper, Print & Recycling at a glance


EV Cargo provides logistics solutions for some the world’s leading brands.


State-of-the-art warehousing facilities provide a secure environment for all your print and publishing goods.

Global coverage

175 UK operating centres, 120 countries, 5,000 logistics professionals, 20,000 vehicles and 9 million sq ft of warehousing.

Cost effective

A range of transport networks enable us to provide worldwide solutions to unnecessary supply chain costs.


We get your goods where they need to be, while helping you to achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.


Our local teams can help negotiate the red tape of international customs.

A global service for all requirements

Working with well-known brands in the industry, EV Cargo serves the print and publishing sector by offering world-wide fulfilment, underpinned by market-leading technology.

We provide full visibility and control across our trusted global network, and our knowledgeable teams tailor sustainable solutions to deliver value to suit individual logistical and warehousing requirements.

International reputation

We manage supply chains for some of the world’s leading paper, print and recycling brands.

Multi-modal service

We offer direct, part-load and full load deliveries via air, road and sea.

Reaching all areas

We provide overland services across Europe, North Africa and the Near East.

Seamless delivery

We ensure there is a seamless delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the end-user via our global end-to-end logistical solutions.

Frequently asked questions about Paper, Print and Recycling

Yes, we provide fully integrated transport solutions for our clients, including the transportation of recycled paper into Paper Mills, for which we have a Waste Carriers Licence. We also manage the delivery of paper reels into packaging sites, and the distribution of finished goods from the packaging sites to end customers, typically with an on-site management and planning team who work closely with the client’s customer service, production, and warehouse teams.

We have worked in this sector for many years and we’re therefore familiar with the seasonality profile. Our annual fleet replacement programme is geared around seasonal peaks in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, whereby we extend older equipment leases and increase our driver pool nationally to meet demand during peak demand periods.

Our fleet is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Paper, Packaging and Recycling sector. Our fleet replacement programme ensures that we operate the most up to date and fuel-efficient tractors units and the latest innovations in trailer design. All of our tractor units are Euro VI and plated at 44 tonnes, and our new curtain-sided trailers are XL rated with strapping systems suited to this sector and have a 3.1m internal height for maximum cube utilisation.

EVC lorry

Storing and distributing paper and packaging worldwide

Decades of experience, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, have given EV Cargo the knowledge required to ensure smooth delivery of your paper and packaging goods across the globe – while our infrastructure and IT capabilities enable us to deliver world-beating service and solutions.

State-of-the-art vehicle fleet and transport networks ensure that product quality is preserved and consumer satisfaction achieved. EV Cargo focusses on the consistent delivery of goods while remaining committed to the safe, internal handling of data using bespoke IT systems.


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