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Investor Relations

Since 2013 EmergeVest have worked in partnership with excellent management teams, investing across the capital structure at the intersection of supply chain, technology and financial services.

EmergeVest at a glance

EmergeVest is an international private equity investor with expertise in global supply chain businesses. Comprised of only market-leading companies, the EmergeVest group provides financial and legal expertise to develop brands into a collaborative, worldwide distribution and warehousing network.

Over 115 operating centres worldwide

Investments across a wide range of industries and geographies.

Formed EmergeVest in 2013

A global investment firm.

Created EV Cargo in 2018

The UK’s largest privately-owned logistics company.


Direct operational execution and value creation.

Industry expertise

A personally committed team of sector specialists.

Multi-Dimensional Capital

Access to what is needed to succeed on the world stage.


EV Cargo | Case Study

EmergeVest created EV Cargo, the UK’s largest privately-owned logistics company, with more than $1B of annual revenue in 2018. The brand now manages supply chains for the world’s leading brands and is recognised as a global leader in driving the transformation of logistics into a technology industry.

Read the EV Cargo Case Study

People and systems working in harmony

EV Cargo’s worldwide team of industry specialists use the very latest in logistics technology to give customers a swift, smart and efficient service.

Wherever you are in the world, EV Cargo’s got you covered

EV Cargo is a global business underpinned by regional experts, enabling us to provide a truly international service benefitting from local market knowledge and expertise.

Global Network

EV Cargo at a glance

Our international freight, supply chain and logistics services deliver to 150 countries in all corners of the globe. This unique structure allows EV Cargo to operate with local knowledge, to a worldwide platform.

175 UK operating centres

2,500 logistics professionals

150 countries worldwide

450,000 containers of sea freight annually

20,000 delivery vehicles

2 million sq. ft of warehousing

6 million kg of air freight shipped monthly

$60 billion of gross merchandise handled annually

Signatory to the UN Global Compact for sustainability

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EV Cargo works with a range of global industries. Find your international freight delivery solution today.

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