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Temperature-controlled and Ambient Logistics

EV Cargo is the leading provider of time-critical and temperature-controlled logistics solutions, offering the most comprehensive cold chain management distribution network in the UK.

Temperature-controlled and ambient logistics at a glance

Maximum life, minimum waste

Carefully managed end-to-end temperature-controlled solutions, meeting requirements for short lead times and frequent refrigerated transport deliveries.


Delivering to every major retail distribution centre every day, providing the fastest and most cost-effective route into the UK grocery channel.


230,000 sq ft of chilled warehousing capacity and 1.1 million sq ft of ambient warehousing facilities, meeting consumer demand for everyday commodity products and chilled products.


Ensuring your products are at their freshest when we deliver them.


Powered by technology to speed delivery, demonstrate proof-of-delivery, and receive payment.


Our ‘Control Tower’ approach provides a complete end-to-end network solution.


What is temperature-controlled logistics?

Temperature controlled logistics specialises in the storage, preservation and transportation of cargo that is sensitive to atmospheric conditions and needs to maintain a certain temperature.

With 230,000 sq ft of chilled warehousing capacity and 1.1 million sq ft of ambient warehousing facilities, the resource and capability of EV Cargo’s comprehensive network ensures our customers can continue to meet consumer demand for everyday commodity products and chilled products.

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Fast, flexible, fresh

The unrivalled flexibility and efficiency of our transport network ensures that your products are at their freshest when we deliver them. Our cold chain logistics systems are also intelligently geared to speed the delivery of your product, demonstrate proof-of-delivery, and receive payment.

The right choice

Our high standards and innovative solutions have ensured we are the choice of market leaders across the world

Safe and secure

We never compromise on security or reliability while always delivering cost-savings to our customers


We are leading the way in making logistics a technology-based industry and by working with our clients we are constantly increasing efficiency and cutting costs

End-to-end solutions

Our temperature-controlled and ambient services will ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in perfect condition every time

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s temperature-controlled and ambient logistics

Most food and pharmaceutical products have a temperature range that they must stay within at all times. The most common ranges are: Ambient. Refers to the natural temperature of the warehouse Air conditioned. Typically refers to a temperature between 56°F and 75°F. Confectionery products are a good example of a product that must avoid hot and cold extremes Refrigerated. Typically refers to a temperature between 33°F and 55°F Cold/Frozen. Typically refers to a temperature at or below 32°F.

A warehouse that has temperature-controlled space utilises cooling (and/or heating) units to keep the temperature within a set range. These units are strategically placed throughout the space to ensure that the area stays in range. A variety of factors will affect the quantity and placement of cooling units, including the season of the year (i.e., more units may be needed during the summer), ceiling height, density of insulation, and warehouse building materials.

Firstly, we carefully maintain our fleet of vehicles to minimise the likelihood of a breakdown! However, should a problem arise, we have rapid-response breakdown cover for all vehicles and on-board refrigeration technology. This ensures that any challenges can be quickly mitigated.


A full service to ease the burden

EV Cargo removes the burden of managing your inbound supply chain whilst lessening the overall cost.
During key promotional periods or seasonal peaks of capacity, we engage closely with each supplier to optimally flex the available resources to match demand. We create planned forecasts by supplier and a detailed inbound plan for each secondary RDC.

In short, we ensure that the right products in the right quantities and with the correct life are delivered to store at the right temperature and time. And, if required, we can manage the entire retail supply chain, from collection of inbound stock from supplier, delivery through primary distribution and then through secondary into store.

Our state-of-the-art IT systems enable the efficient consolidation of loads to maximise vehicle utilisation while, whether through open or closed book agreements, we offer solutions for multi-temperature picking operations and store deliveries that continually add value to your supply chain.

Our service comprehensively covers all the elements involved in secondary retail logistics, from the receipt and handling of expected product, and management of rejections, to a range of ‘pick and pack’ options and added value services, such as promotional or seasonal order pick and inventory management.
Full end-to-end supply chain visibility is provided as a result of comprehensive data reporting.  This allows enhanced planning and control of the operation.

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