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Supply Chain Software

EV Cargo’s Supply Chain solutions provide unparalleled visibility from order placement through to delivery into destination.

Worldwide Supply Chain Software facilities at a glance

Cloud-based, scalable solutions engineered to bring increased levels of intelligence to your supply chain.

Many of the world’s leading retailers choose to use EV Cargo’s compliance, product lifecycle management (PLM) and supply chain solutions to super-charge their business processes making them faster, smarter and more efficient from day one.

Working together

Improve collaboration across your entire supply chain.


Reduce the number of disparate systems and manual processes.


Improve your speed to market.


Increase the operational efficiency of your business and your suppliers.


Our analytics systems give you total supply chain visibility.


Our ethos of constant innovation ensures constant improvement.

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What is Supply Chain Software?

Our software enables retailers to track progress of key milestones while understanding associated costs, so that internal teams are armed to make informed and confident business decisions.

Being designed as a single, centralised system allows for effective collaboration between all parties, from supplier and freight forwarder, through to buying and merchandising teams.

The perfect solution for you

EV Cargo’s all-encompassing supply chain software solutions cover all aspects of your supply chain and, in total, provide a simple, integrated way of streamlining your supply chain and boosting your business.

Order management

Responsible for the Purchase Order collaboration and visibility processes. It enables retailers to have visibility of both their domestic and international purchase orders and on-order inventory.

Shipping management

Allows retailers to easily plan, track, manage, analyse and execute both international and domestic movements across all modes, as well as the ability to hold the relevant and required shipment documentation within the solution.

Delivery management

Allows retailers to make delivery bookings, confirm delivery, as well as confirm and plan off dock storage and container restitution. This is all whilst tracking and alerting on the status of these milestones.

DC Booking Diary

Create, amend and cancel warehouse and distribution centre bookings. A graphical calendar that improves the efficiency and accuracy of booking deliveries through a simple drag and drop function.

Frequently asked questions about Supply Chain Software

EV Cargo Technology’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions enable buyers, merchandisers and technologists to collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers in real-time, increasing speed to market and ensuring product quality is high. Our solution helps manage by exception, highlighting risks to the critical path, and ultimately the availability of a product. By encompassing the entire critical path into a centralised system, all parties involved have visibility of a single version of the truth allowing for an informed decision making process.

In a world where consumers are increasingly influenced by the ethical, sustainable and moral standards that a retailer embodies, businesses can no longer just rely on reducing costs and increasing profits. EV Cargo Technology’s Compliance solutions provide retailers with the tools and visibility to manage a variety of compliance programmes that could be wide-reaching. Our solutions can drive initiatives ranging from the selection and onboarding of suppliers based on their ethical, technical and sourcing conformity, through to the quality of products that are taken to market, and the sustainability of the packaging involved.

On average, using EV Cargo’s software solutions increases a business’s profitability by 1-3%. They also lead to an 8-12% reduction in inventory, a 5-10% reduction in logistics cost and a 3-5% reduction in operating costs.

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Landed cost software

Linked to your cloud-based, version-controlled tariff that holds data on all pricing information. The software takes a product’s FOB price and applies estimates of supply chain costs such as duty, packaging and logistics, to give an accurate estimated landed price in the appropriate currency. Side-by-side comparisons allow you to explore various routes to market, enabling you to choose the most efficient option for your business.

Highly configurable, you can determine where the ‘end’ of your supply chain lies, and which additional costs to add into the total landed cost calculation (e.g. warehousing, product advertising and exchange rates).

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