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Data is one of your most valuable assets and yet is often under exploited. Analytics help to unlock its true potential by interpreting it and intuitively directing attention to where value can be gained. Use our Analytics suite to drive supply chain performance through KPI analysis, and the insights offered to identify and drive supply chain development and optimisation opportunities.

Analytics software at a glance


Taking complex data and making it easy to understand with easy to interpret visual presentation.

Actionable insight

Using data analytics to drive key decision making.


Explore the data in detail to get to the root cause of any potential risk and opportunity.

Supplier collaboration

Driving meaningful conversations with suppliers for real efficiency gains.

Exception management

Focus on the exceptions rather than business as usual.


Near real time data enables issue resolution before they even occur.


What is analytics?

Supply chains generate an incredible amount of data. Analytics helps our customer access, interpret and benefit from this data, driving both strategic change and tactical responses. In a world where anything can happen, never has this been a more pressing area of focus.

Dynamic data

Dynamic data

The insights gained by data leveraging can help to transform your supply chain. EV Cargo will analyse the data and give you all the information you need at your fingertips to enable optimisation, helping you to deliver improvements successfully.

One step ahead

Our data analysis can help you spot potential issues before they occur.

Optimum performance

Solve inefficiencies and ensure all your processes are optimised for maximum gain.

Productivity boost

Real-time data sharing gives you full visibility of your supply chain.

Increase turnover

Higher productivity and more efficient operations give you the chance grow your bottom line.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s Analytics service

We currently offer Analytics for our Order Management, Shipment Management and Delivery Management modules.

Our current Analytics offering is used across multiple business functions. Whether you are a buyer or merchandiser wanting to know if your orders will be shipped on time, a supply chain director wanting to improve container fill or a warehouse manager looking to optimise inbound deliveries, Analytics can help. We currently offer Analytics for our Order Management, Shipment Management, Delivery Management and Ethical Trade modules.

Analytics is designed for everyone, regardless of technical knowledge or ability. We use a best-of-breed software package, to make Analytics as intuitive to use as possible. Your data is brought to life through visuals, so you can see at a glance where your attention needs to be focused, as well as gaining historical insights to highlight areas for longer-term improvement plans.

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Adapt and improve

Our data analysis allows to the constantly adapt to new situations and circumstances – the world doesn’t stay still and neither do we. Only by real-time analysis can we continue to improve and innovative and help you to transform your supply chain.

Speak to our Analytics team of experts

Get in touch to find out how our state-of-the-art analytics systems offer new ways to get to know your business and improve your supply chain.

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