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Brief and Quote

The Brief and Quote module within EV Source provides businesses with a single platform to manage their sourcing processes and compare vendor quotes including all landed costs.

Brief and Quote at a glance

Businesses require agility in their product sourcing process. Recent global issues including the pandemic and geopolitical disputes have promoted the need to rapidly identify new vendors and pursue dual sourcing: businesses can no longer rely on a single production source to satisfy consumer demand.

EV Cargo’s Brief and Quote digitises an often manual sourcing process providing the agility required. Traditionally, Excel spreadsheets are used to consolidate quote information from vendors, which takes up a significant amount of time for a sourcing team to communicate back and forth with the vendors to get all the information they need.

Customers need a flexible and easy-to-use platform which allows them to see all the quote information they need in a single view without iterations with vendors.


Reduction in administration allows focus to be directed to decision making.

Single platform

All information is held centrally, rather than on numerous excel spreadsheets on shared or local drives which avoids lack of transparency and loss of information.


Landed cost automatically calculated in a standardised format using standardised costs resulting in a consistent and accurate landed cost.


Ensure negotiated costs are well documented and remain transparent to the management team.

Ease of comparison

One click for cost analysis and quote comparison.

Increase productivity

Standardised way of working across the business rather than via multiple communication channels such as email and chat services.

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What is Brief and Quote?

Businesses are seeking ways to make their supply chain more efficient. They want their teams to focus on decision-making activities instead of administration.

EV Cargo’s Brief and Quote product enables a sourcing function to record product-level buying requirements (briefs), share these briefs online with vendors, and record vendor online product pricing submissions (quotes). The product automatically adds the estimated landed cost to the quote – incorporating key international supply chain cost elements such as freight, duty, cartage to the factory FOB unit price – so buyers can compare the landed cost of a product in local currency with local sources.

Brief and Quote Enquiries

All in one centralised location

Brief and Quote helps our clients standardise product briefs to vendors and quotes back from vendors. All information is held centrally and is available in single format which makes it easy to manage and compare.


Reduce sourcing lead times and decision-making time by ensuring all required information is captured up-front in one centralised location, reducing iterations with vendors.

Maintain pricing database

Build a database of pricing as both an audit trail and to share historic information. This is especially beneficial when processing a high level of quotes or where staff turnover can lead to gaps in knowledge.

Improve efficiency

Standardised format of data available in single view makes it easy to compare and analyse.

Faster decision-making

Without the need for back-and-forth communication with vendors and data consolidation, the decision-making process can be facilitated more quickly.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s Brief and Quote service

No, Brief and Quote is available as a standalone module or together with other EV Cargo sourcing modules to provide a holistic sourcing offering.

It would be ideally suited to both retailers and world leading fashion brands, that are high volume shippers of products and/or with manual sourcing processes that could be improved with centralised control and visibility.

Yes, Brief and Quote can take into account the varying costs when sourcing from multiple countries of origin when calculating an indicative landed cost price, enabling you to make a fully informed decision when choosing where to place your purchase orders.


Obtain the best product cost and margin

We do care about our customers’ businesses and we always try our best to improve their supply chain efficiency and avoid any unnecessary costs. Our centralised single platform not only allows our clients to compare and analyse standardised quotes from vendors, but also provides automatically calculated landed costs to ensure costing accuracy. All these pave the way for our clients to obtain the best possible product cost and margin.

Brief and Quote Enquiries

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