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Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics complements EV Cargo’s supply chain visibility products to provide a satellite view of the supply chain, measure performance and inform strategy.

Analytics software at a glance

Accessed via our single sign-on portal ONE EV Cargo, the interactive platform allows our customers to configure requirements, set the strategy and measure against identified targets.


Easy access to multi-layer dashboards with advanced and instant filtering for user relevance.

Actionable insight

Real-time visual KPI metrics and analysis for continuous improvement, covering 3PL, supplier and internal process performance, providing insight to help inform supply chain strategies.


Interactive graphics with an instantaneous click and view allow you to efficiently drill into associated data relating to performance trends and anomalies to identify root cause.


Implement quickly and utilise the platfom from the ‘get go’ – start gathering and using your data to analyse and optimise performance across your supply chain.

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What is supply chain analytics?

Supply chain analytics automates the tracking of supply chain KPIs (key performance indicators) and presents them in easy-to understand dashboards. This helps you visualise and analyse performance versus targets, identify strategic development opportunities and provide the insight for intelligent decision making.


Single platform

Easy access via a single sign-on and access both current and historic KPI data sets on demand.

Shipment volumes

Measure the accuracy of forecasting by region, country, port and mode.

On time in full

Streamline your supply chain and identify areas of opportunity and your suppliers’ performance.

Container utilisation

View overall utilisation and by container type to easily identify underutilised containers

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s supply chain analytics

We currently offer Analytics for our Order Management, Shipment Management and Delivery Management modules.

Our current Analytics offering is used across multiple business functions. Whether you are a buyer or merchandiser wanting to know if your orders will be shipped on time, a supply chain director wanting to improve container fill or a warehouse manager looking to optimise inbound deliveries, Analytics can help. We currently offer Analytics for our Order Management, Shipment Management, Delivery Management and Ethical Trade modules.

Analytics is designed for everyone, regardless of technical knowledge or ability. We use a best-of-breed software package, to make Analytics as intuitive to use as possible. Your data is brought to life through visuals, so you can see at a glance where your attention needs to be focused, as well as gaining historical insights to highlight areas for longer-term improvement plans.

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Why use EV Cargo’s supply chain analytics technology?

Absorb over 30 years of supply chain technology knowledge from EV Cargo’s experts by using an analytics platform designed for supply chain management. Easy to implement and intuitive to use, the technology can be aligned to meet your individual requirements, including financial calendars and container utilisation targets.

Flexible filtering of transport mode and type allows you to access detailed data efficiently. Supply chain analytics paves the way for simplified advanced analytics to be integrated into the every day planning of your international supply chain.

Speak to our Analytics team of experts

Get in touch to find out how our state-of-the-art analytics systems offer new ways to get to know your business and improve your supply chain.

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