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Supply Chain Software

EV Cargo has been providing supply chain software solutions for over 25 years, and powers many of today’s leading brands.

Supply Chain Software at a glance

Improved visibility, collaboration and compliance across the network are just some of the ways that our clients have used our software to transform their supply chains. Our renowned supply chain software solution enables our customers to manage their inbound inventory from order placement through to delivery into the destination distribution centre.

Increased collaboration

Enable collaboration on one platform across all your supply chain partners.

Improved visibility

Ensure process and data compliance to provide real-time visibility.

Optimised processes

Improve your speed to market and drive operational efficiency.

Improved Control

Ensure your product progresses through all operational checkpoints and manage potential issues.

Tailored to your business

Configurable business processes aligned to the requirements of your product categories

Software provision

Use our software with our Freight and Supply Chain services, or on a software-only basis.

Technology Data

What is supply chain software?

EV Cargo’s solution provides unparalleled visibility from order placement through to delivery into destination. Enabling retailers to track progress of key milestones while understanding associated costs, internal teams are armed to make informed and confident business decisions to manage those exceptions occurring outside of automated business processes

As a system dedicated for each customer, LIMA allows for effective collaboration between all parties, from supplier and freight forwarder, through to buying and merchandising teams. For many retailers, merely replacing disparate systems and spreadsheets is a huge step forward, however with EV Cargo’s LIMA solution, they also gain intelligent insights to drive strategic programmes, and tactical decision-making within the day-to-day operational decisions.

Supply chain visibility and optimisation

By reducing disparate systems and manual processes and improving collaboration across the entire supply chain, LIMA will help you find the optimum speed and route to market balance, and increase your operational efficiency.

Order Management

LIMA’s Order Management module manages Purchase Order collaboration and visibility processes. It enables retailers to communicate with vendors, and have visibility of purchase orders and on-order inventory.

Shipment Management

Retailers get greater visibility and control over shipments to maximise sales opportunities. Retailers can plan, track, manage, analyse and execute their shipments, optimising the most relevant route to market and cost-efficient shipping options.

Delivery Management

Our LIMA Delivery Management module allows retailers to manage delivery activities through visibility, planning and execution of delivery bookings, delivery receipt, container restitution, as well as the management of off-dock storage solutions, all the while tracking and alerting on the status of these milestones.

Landed Cost Software

Using your agreed and contracted freight tariff, this module provides as accurate an estimated landed cost as possible to enable better decisions around route to market.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s Supply Chain software

We can help you manage your goods from the moment the Purchase Order is raised, through key production milestones, to transport and into your warehouse. We also have software to support processes such as on-boarding new suppliers, auditing factories, approving transit packaging or paying freight invoices.

Absolutely. Our software is designed to be freight forwarder agnostic and will be compatible whether you have one or many partners.

Yes. All users have their own login credentials and can only view data relevant to them. Our software is cloud-based, accessible globally and promotes collaboration and engagement between suppliers and retailers.

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With over 25 years of experience in deploying strategic and tactical solutions, EV Cargo offers new ways for businesses to overcome challenges faced by globalisation.

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