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Dr. Virginia Alzina

Chief Sustainability Officer

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Material Issues

Our Chief Sustainability Officer, together with the Sustainability Committee, determines material environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related matters that have significant impacts on EV Cargo and its various stakeholders.

Material ESGs at a glance

Material assessments are conducted based on the Principles of Selecting Material Issues in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. The relevant industry specific standard from Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) – Road Transportation, was also included as part of the review process.

Through discussions with key management representatives from across the business, external stakeholders were identified – suppliers, customers, and employees. Using the topics identified from the initial benchmarking exercise, a list of common material topics was established so that we could prioritise the various ESG topics. The internal and external stakeholder engagement exercise was facilitated by an independent sustainability consultant.


Established using expert and inclusive stakeholder engagement.


Selected and monitored in adherence to internationally recognised standards.

Sustainable Growth

Set to minimise impacts and maximise sustainable growth.

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What are EV Cargo’s ESG Topics?

The list of material ESG topics identified from an internal and external stakeholder engagement exercise
were prioritised and finalised in December 2021, these have also been reviewed and approved by EV Cargo’s management team and the Sustainability Committee before inclusion in the Sustainability Report.

An initial benchmarking exercise was conducted based on industry and sector standards (e.g. SASB Sector Standard for Transportation) as well as with leading companies in the transport and logistics sector to identify key material topics common across these companies. The material topics identified have been grouped under four focus areas: planet, people, governance and value creation.


Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement


Value Creation

Our end-to-end supply chain solutions

Case study: Marks & Spencer

Ground-breaking packaging optimisation technology is helping some of the world’s biggest retailers transform their global supply chains by reducing shipping costs and their impact on the environment.

Pioneered by our global supply chain management specialists, our solutions cut wastage, and promote sustainability by improving transit packaging compliance, minimising damage, and increasing the amount of product which can be shipped.

Since implementing the system, Marks & Spencer has been able to rationalise 3,800 carton types to just 10 – a 99% reduction in under eight weeks. As a result, it has increased shipping container fill levels for clothing garments by more than 15% to a market-leading 95%.

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