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Our Approach

We work hard to mitigate the environmental impact of our own and our customers’ global operations, and have placed sustainability at the core of our company strategy.

EV Cargo’s Approach to Sustainability

Alongside our core values and commitment to transitioning to a low-carbon, greener future, our workplaces create a safe and fair environment for all our people to work and develop their careers. Just as importantly, we are ethically responsible and active members of our local and global communities, seeking to do the right thing always.

To promote responsible behaviour across the business we have appointed a sustainability committee and several sustainability champions across EV Cargo globally. The committee works with our Chief Sustainability Officer to deliver initiatives around emissions reduction, diversity and inclusivity and to drive the adoption of various environmental, social and governance policies.

We’ve also created a group of sustainability champions to lead initiatives such as our Women Forward Lean In Circle, plastic free campaigns and community engagement.

Net Zero

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, our journey to net zero is in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Sustainable Growth

We are adopting the latest green technologies and practices to promote sustainable growth.

Our People

We are cultivating an engaged, responsible and environmentally aware workforce.


EV Cargo’s Commitment

As a company committed to sustainability, EV Cargo is heartened to see the growing consensus on the urgency of climate action, and we are working with stakeholders to contribute to the global sustainability agenda.

We are intently focused on becoming carbon neutral (scope 1 and scope 2) by 2030 and significantly reducing our scope 3 emissions. Achieving this goal will required us to work closely with our partners and customers to contribute to a cleaner and greener world.

We work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our own and our customers’ global operations. Our workplaces create a safe and fair environment for all of our people to work and develop their careers.


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Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s Sustainability approach

Using EcoTransIT World we monitor greenhouse gas emissions throughout our supply chain, EV Cargo also monitors and seeks to radically reduce air pollutants from its operations.

EV Cargo reports annually on a wide range of sustainability metrics defined by the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative.

We employ independent auditors DNV to verify our data, and our final sustainability report is submitted to the UN Global Compact for approval.

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Sustainability Management

Sustainability is managed from top to bottom and across all functions.

A Sustainability Committee has been set up, led by our CEO and comprising members of the senior leadership team. The Sustainability Committee meets monthly and reports to the board of directors. Our Chief Sustainability Officer brings leadership on sustainability issues and goals, and oversees the monitoring of sustainability performance. The Chief Sustainability Officer works with key stakeholder engagement centrally, whilst local issues are covered by the local teams with central coordination.

To promote responsible behaviour across the business, sustainability champions have been appointed for each area with monthly meetings to follow up on programmes and initiatives.

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