Agricultural logistics

The agricultural market faces a range of challenges in the transportation and storage of heavy goods, including additional costs and environmental implications. For the safe, compliant and efficient transportation of goods, the industry requires experienced professionals with knowledge of local and international transport regulations.

EV Cargo operates both nationally and internationally and uses intermodal transport to deliver the efficient, safe and compliant transportation of goods. With strategic network links to over 120 countries worldwide, we are able to tap into undiscovered markets with ease and efficiency.

  1. Tractors, trailers, balers, sprayers, combines and parts
  2. Complete logistics management
  3. Large, secure warehousing facilities
  4. Full freight forwarding transparency
  5. Freight brokerage

Using a tailored supply chain solution, EV Cargo is able to reduce costs using a range of multimodal transport networks. Robust technology platforms that have been developed in-house are able to give full visibility of cargo to ensure the timely delivery of products. In addition to logistical transparency, the technology employed gives a comprehensive view of global routes, giving the opportunity for improved fuel efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions.

EV Cargo is committed to developing bespoke solutions that reduce environmental impact and unnecessary supply chain costs.

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