Automotive and industrial logistics and supply chain solutions

The timely delivery of parts is critical to the smooth operation of automotive and industrial industries. As well as expert time management, automotive and industrial clients require scalable supply chain management solutions. EV Cargo has a partnership network that extends across the UK, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, New Zealand, the USA and continental Europe.

We provide a fully managed transport service that optimises routes so that your business benefits from excelled network and transportation strategies. Employing lean supply chain management processes ensures that costs are reduced and the carbon footprint of businesses is minimised.

  1. Aftermarket support
  2. Materials management and procurement
  3. Recall management

Vast and comprehensive warehousing facilities, strategically located in various locations worldwide, are capable of storing large consignments for automotive and industrial industries. Integrated freight logistics, multimodal transport and freight brokerage ensures that businesses receive a service of value.

EV Cargo embraces an evolving digital landscape and believes that innovation is key to leading the way in logistics and supply chain management. A focus on in-house, advanced technology gives full visibility of inventory management, planning and delivery.

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