Delivering efficiency for chemical logistics

The chemical industry feeds into many other industries. As a result, the agile movement of goods is essential, and effectively transporting and storing potentially toxic freight requires expert knowledge, experience and equipment. EV Cargo has a wealth of chemical logistics expertise and therefore understands the challenges that businesses within this sector face in navigating compliance and efficiency.

EV Cargo manages a vast network of fully equipped, compliant warehouses across the globe. Our unique partnership model allows us to have a large transport network that extends to across 120 countries. This gives businesses within the industry access to a broad range of markets benefitting from our multimodal transport links.

  1. Robust technology
  2. Specialised, intermodal transport
  3. Specialised warehousing
  4. Bulk transportation

We have experience in optimising the supply chain for both hazardous and non-hazardous chemical freight. From raw materials through to finished goods, we deliver speed, efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

Managed solutions for the chemical industry

At the heart of EV Cargo are the experienced industry experts who provide exceptional managed services to businesses globally. In-depth analysis will reveal the weaknesses in your current supply chain and will provide an optimised solution that is tailor-made to your business. Whether it is by rail, ocean, road, air, LTL or truckload, we will provide a competitive solution to drive continuous improvement with complete visibility.

Speak to one of our experts today about supply chain solutions and logistics in the chemical industry.