Consumer packaged goods supply chain solutions

A difficult economic environment combined with rapidly evolving technology has forced the consumer packaged goods industry to face supply chain challenges like never before. From warehousing through to transport and delivery, it’s important that costs are reduced and speed achieved.

Distribution models must be able to accommodate the increased emphasis on digital channels and consumer expectations. Key to this industry is the fast replenishment of stock on a frequent basis. EV Cargo focusses on the consistent delivery of goods, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning products and more. In an extremely competitive industry, it’s important for brands to have the edge in terms of speed.

  1. Supply chain analysis
  2. Market-leading technology
  3. Flexible, streamlined and focussed strategies

Typically, products in the CPG industry must not be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. State-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facilities and transport networks ensure that product quality is preserved and consumer satisfaction achieved. EV Cargo works with businesses to negotiate challenges in cost and pace of delivery.

Fast-moving consumer goods and technology

We’re committed to the safe, internal handling of data using bespoke IT systems. These advanced systems have been developed in-house over years of supply chain management and logistics expertise. Considerable and continuous investment in market-leading, bespoke technology ensures full visibility of supply chain management, aiding in analysis and efficiency improvements.

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