Leaders in distribution and warehousing

Experts in transport across the globe. We create bespoke food and beverage solutions that solve the operational challenges brands face. EV Cargo are leaders in  logistics, committed to finding the most efficient solution in a time critical industry.

In a highly competitive and dynamic marketplace where consumer trends and buying habits rapidly evolve, EV Cargo provides a tailored, adaptable logistical solution. Our global reach means that we offer businesses the chance to increase their product coverage, open new market opportunities and grow profitability. We have proven experience in the FMCG supply chain and deliver a responsive and reliable service to blue-chip companies internationally.

Our values when designing and handling nutritional haulage solutions:

  1. Confidence in consistency
  2. Compliance
  3. Protecting the environment
  4. Technology

First and foremost, we are committed to preserving the quality of your product. We are certified for international occupational health and management standards and we’re HMRC approved. Each and every client benefits from our sustainability-led approach. We focus on reducing carbon emissions and saving on fuel and space with our less-than-truckload shipping approach. Collaboration plays a vital role and our tight partnership network allows us to lead the way in management, warehousing, logistics and engineering.

We operate with a local logistical understanding, on a global scale. Our employment of a modern, technology-centric and collaborative service ensures that we develop faster, smarter processes. We provide transparency and communication, giving you control of your food and beverage products at every step of the way.

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