The storage and transportation of life-saving goods

As a highly regulated, time-critical industry, the healthcare market sector requires the timely, safe and accurate handling of products. The pressures of an evolving, demanding industry mean that businesses are having to assess current logistical structures and revise supply chain management to effectively negotiate compliance, speed and profitability.

EV Cargo has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and the transportation of controlled goods worldwide. Our compliant warehousing and transportation facilities benefit from advanced, in-house technology that closely monitors specialised freight. Full transparency and control over shipment ensures the safe and secure delivery of shipments.

  1. Inventory control
  2. Specialised  freight vehicles
  3. Specialised  warehousing
  4. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and personal care

EV Cargo’s experienced staff understand the fragility and importance of the cargo, and ensure that all packaging is assembled to exacting standards in a sterile, dust-free environment. In addition, our last mile delivery service offers complete safety and reliability in the door-to-door delivery of healthcare products. Our supply chain consultancy services apply lean logistic practices to reduce wait times and effectively oversee stock management.

EV Cargo benefits from local knowledge on a global scale. Our unique partnership model makes the most of transport and warehousing networks to develop the most efficient, environmentally-friendly supply chain solution. We help businesses in the healthcare industry meet their patient care goals.

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