Oil and gas transportation and logistics

The seamless, worldwide movement of oil and gas is vital to keeping the modern world ticking. The transportation and storage of goods is a particular challenge that the industry faces. Managed transport services for this industry require experienced logistics professionals with a deep understanding of safety, compliance and efficiency.

EV Cargo is experienced in delivering oil and gas supply chain solutions to a range of companies across the globe. With strategic bases worldwide, we are able to effectively devise a freight management solution that benefits from a global logistics platform.

  1. Adapted multimodal transport
  2. Compliance
  3. Licensed customs brokerage
  4. Offshore support

Advanced technology underpins all operations and gives our customers full visibility and control over their cargo. Customers benefit from our expertise in customer fulfilment to gain the competitive edge and a reduction in supply chain costs.

Compliance and sustainability

EV Cargo is an advocate of a strict code of ethical conduct – all solutions are devised in compliance with these important standards. Our active commitment to creating a safe, fair and socially responsible working environment has seen us join the Ethical Trading Initiative – an organisation that represents 160 million workers worldwide.

In addition to this, we actively practice sustainability initiatives and continuously work to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses across the globe.

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