Retail logistics management

The retail industry has been subject to radical change over recent years; consumers engage with brands across a number of digital channels as a result of the online shopping revolution. Shoppers can make purchases from across the globe – and they expect a seamless and speedy delivery of goods. In response, the logistics sector has come under considerable pressure to deliver at any time, from anywhere.

EV Cargo is an expert across retail supply chain management and takes a vital role in the management of consumer demands. This demand-orientated industry requires responsive, reliable and adaptable transport management, able to deal with today’s dynamic retail experience.

  1. Inventory visibility across channels
  2. Efficient handling of small orders
  3. LTL and FTL delivery optimisation

Fashion logistics and efulfilment

Technology is a key enabler in the delivery of dynamic efulfilment models. Transparency and visibility across multiple channels requires flexible, intelligent technology, able to seamlessly navigate its way through multiple platforms. In addition, another key enabler for a responsive efulfilment model is collaboration with suppliers and hauliers. EV Cargo benefits from a unique partnership model that orchestrates the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally-friendly route for your business.

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