Supply chain solutions for the technology industry

Reliable and robust supply chain solutions are key to the technology industry. Fast-paced and continually evolving, the technology sector requires an agile, lean and flexible supply chain solution that is able to adapt to the changing demands of the industry.

A consistent brand experience is vital – EV Cargo is equipped to seamlessly handle logistics and distribution at peak times throughout the year. Specialist supply chain consultation can take place at busy periods, such as Christmas or for particular sales campaigns, to ensure a coherent customer experience for the consumer.

  1. Reverse logistics
  2. Full testing
  3. Secure, dust-free warehousing
  4. Advanced supply chain management software
  5. Intuitive product lifecycle management software
  6. Thorough compliance software

A tailored solution, benefitting from a vast and varied transportation and warehousing network allows businesses to tap into new markets, on a global scale. EV Cargo’s emphasis on thought leadership, innovation and technology ensures that the technology sector is able to reduce costs and maximise profitability. We deliver full visibility, transparency and control in a highly competitive market where businesses must always be a step ahead.

Recognised with the prestigious Best Use of Technology award, at the 2018 Motor Transport Awards, even our patented warehouse forklifting technology ensures productivity and speed of delivery. The innovative technology employed here at EV Cargo enables efficiency and growth, and underpins all operations.

We design, develop and test market-leading supply chain, product lifecycle management and compliance software for global organisations. Each system is tailored to an organisation and its objectives. The systems negotiate the complexities of the supply chain network to provide a creative and efficient solution, moving products to market, quickly. Each system provides maximum visibility for organisations.

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