Reliable, eco-friendly transportation

Underpinning all operations at EV Cargo is our exceptional, fully compliant and modern transportation network. Using transcontinental shipment hubs, we have devised hundreds of multimodal transport routes allowing us to bypass modern day shipment congestion. Strategically navigating our way around points of crowding ensures that your products get to the consumer before your competitors’.

International air freight carriers

By air, EV Cargo delivers 5,000 consignments, totalling 6 million kilos, every month. A number of options are available for air transportation, from eco air flights with discounted rates, to premium air freights that provide speed in transit. Importantly, there’s an air transportation solution that can be tailored to your business. No other mode of transportation provides this level of flexibility.

Ocean freight

Reduced cost
EV Cargo manages over 450,000 containers each year by sea. Ocean transportation is excellent for all product types and for overcoming manufacturing delays and reducing duty charge. ISO containers are used to preserve product quality and deliver goods en masse to a secure zone.

Road transport management

EV Cargo has 20,000 vehicles at its disposal across the globe and boasts a fleet of longer trailers that enhance capacity by 15%, along with double deck trailers with aerodynamic profiles. All vehicles are fully compliant with recent European emissions standards. State-of-the-art technology improves fleet-wide telematics that optimise fuel efficiency and reduce cost for businesses. Our unique partnership model allows us to leverage routes, facilities and technology to provide maximum efficiency on the roads.

Rail freight services

Every year, containers are delivered by rail. EV Cargo’s rail transportation links are excellent for providing low cost, environmentally-friendly, fast transportation solutions to a range of locations in the supply chain. Drop and swap facilities maximise the load in transit and give businesses control over loading and unloading.

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