National, European and global warehousing solutions

Warehousing is key to logistics management and the improved efficiency of supply chains. At EV Cargo, the safe storage and internal movement of goods is carefully managed to ensure that all operations are synchronised to reduce cost and preserve product quality.

Particularly at peak seasonal times, EV Cargo’s global network of warehousing facilities is able to effectively work under the additional pressure and provide structural consistency. Our extensive experience allows us to negotiate peak seasonal workloads and provide flexibility for businesses in a range of industries. Tailored and careful planning ensures the seamless execution of large, complex supply chains.

  1. Enhanced product flow
  2. Reduced handling costs
  3. Improved loading and delivery productivity

Warehousing and logistics

Storing consumer packaged goods such as food, beverages, cosmetics and much more, EV Cargo manages 9 million sq. ft of specialist warehousing space across the globe. Technologically advanced warehousing protects products and gives full visibility of the movement of goods. Large, organised, clean and dust-free facilities provide perfect retail warehousing environments.

EV Cargo employs a unique warehousing management system that is able to project demand forecasting and reduce the need for buffer stock. Pick management accuracy, improved pallet fill rates and detailed KPI reports gives businesses full transparency, control and efficiency.

Green warehouse practices

All warehouses are in compliance with ISO 14001 and work hard to reduce carbon emissions and improve the use of waste.

  1. Fully compliant facilities
  2. PIR light sensors
  3. Low energy usage
  4. Proactive recycling of materials
  5. Latest specifications for chill chambers
  6. Reusable waste goes to charities and the local community

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