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A green logistics company

Transport underpins the logistics sector and without it, millions of products each day would not reach consumers. EV Cargo works tirelessly to reduce the impact of fossil fuels on the environment by the streamlining and careful planning of transport routes. Our experts will map end-to-end processes, reviewing supply chain management, suggesting efficiency improvements and, ultimately, reduce miles across the UK, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, New Zealand, the USA and continental Europe.

How we reduce emissions:

  1. Euro VI vehicles with the latest technology
  2. Double deck trailers with aerodynamic profile
  3. Longer length trailers with 15% extra capacity
  4. Investment in latest generation TMS, improving routing and reducing empty running
  5. SAFED driver training programme improving driver performance
  6. Fleet wide telematics linked to TMS driving fuel efficiency

Reducing waste products

Being a green logistics company isn’t only about reducing fuel use: it’s about enhancing the use of other parts of the vehicles that are often forgotten about. At EV Cargo, we understand that every movement and decision contributes to our global footprint. Using state-of-the-art technology, we plan routes to maximise the life expectancy of tyres, oil and parts, and infrastructure. Our extensive network of distribution centres and transparent communication processes around the globe ensure that routes are planned systematically.


In a world where consumers and businesses expect to receive products with express, next day delivery, it can be easy for logistic companies to value speed over sustainability. EV Cargo is committed to using the less-than-truckload approach to ensure the consolidation of multiple items into a single consignment. Warehouses use low energy lighting, PIR controlled lighting and undergo strict recycling processes to reduce waste materials.

EV Cargo truck on the road

Regulations and initiatives

Operating across many countries means that we must be aware of varied sustainability initiatives and regulations to ensure that we meet and exceed compliance standards. We take our corporate social responsibilities seriously and believe in cultivating transparent business practices that continually aim to work with international markets and the environment.

Commitment to awareness

As a leading company in logistics and supply chain management, leading is what we do in all areas of our business, and sustainability is no different. As part of our commitment to transparency, communication and local values, we are proud advocates of all sustainability initiatives and champion our┬ásignificant Environmental Policy, encouraging other companies to follow in EV Cargo’s footsteps.

Truck on road