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International Women’s Day Podcasts

To celebrate International Women’s Day and to get involved in the #EmbraceEquity campaign we have launched a series of podcasts to interview our colleagues across the globe and embrace this year’s theme. All colleagues are treated fairly and equally, and by raising awareness of women’s personal experiences we hope to move one step closer.

Being a Female HGV Driver

Series 1 Episode 1

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Astronaut to Freight Forwarder

Series 1 Episode 2

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Road to Senior Management

Series 1 Episode 3

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Flying Career in Logistics

Series 1 Episode 4

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How is EV Cargo Supporting Women?

EV Cargo has proactively recruited female applicants, promoted opportunities for women and made good progress in developing workplaces that accommodate the needs of female employees. By 2023, EV Cargo aims to achieve a gender pay gap of less than 2%, at least 25% of senior management positions to held by females and at least 25% of female representation in governance bodies.

In 2022, we launched new training programmes including the Aspirational Women Leadership Programme and Diversity & Inclusivity training for newly appointed managers.

EV Cargo also runs a Women Forward Lean In Circle to give and receive advice, set goals and celebrate each other’s wins, whilst navigating through our professional environment. A Female Driver Forum has also been set up to connect female drivers across the business.

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