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The Chain will help link all colleagues from across EV Cargo and give everyone a very useful insight into how the other operating companies work, both individually and collectively as a combined force to manage supply chains for the world’s leading brands.

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Earlier this month I informed you of our vision for EV Cargo 3.0, the third phase in the short history of EV Cargo. It’s all about growth and following a strategy which will help us surpass a target of $3 billion of revenue by 2025 and become one of the top-30 global logistics providers.

To achieve this, we will be guided by our vales of growth, innovation and sustainability as we continue to provide technology-enabled logistics for the world’s leading brands.

This new phase also requires EV Cargo to be organised for success to ensure we have a robust platform and the right people to help power our strategy and deliver growth. We have been investing in the best people, experience and skills to create a balanced global structure to lead EV Cargo through this period.

I’m extremely happy to have you onboard as we all work together on our journey to achieve these targets successfully. It’s going to be a huge team effort but, seeing how everyone has pulled together in the face of some tough industry challenges and unprecedented market conditions over the last 15 months, I know that we have the talent, skills, ambition and drive across EV Cargo to knock it out of the park.

Please take the time to read through our latest edition to learn more about the great work being done throughout our business.


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We’re all part of a $1 billion USD start up – as such you are a founding member of this business. You will help shape the kind of business we are. You will help determine the pace & extent of our success. You will have tremendous impact & play an important role in making this happen. Together we are going to achieve incredible things. Watch the video to see what can happen in just 365 days.

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We put the success of our customers’ businesses at the heart of everything we do and underpin our long-term success with financially sustainable activities.


Driving digitalisation of the logistics sector, we are always seeking new ways to work more effectively, add value and better serve our customers.


We are passionate about minimising the environmental impact of our own and our customers’ global operations and integrate our core principles of workplace diversity and equality.

EV Cargo at a glance

Our international freight, supply chain and logistics services deliver to 122 countries in all corners of the globe. This unique structure allows EV Cargo to operate with local knowledge, to a worldwide platform.

175 UK operating centres

5,000 logistics professionals

122 countries worldwide

450,000 containers of sea freight annually

20,000 delivery vehicles

9 million sq. ft of warehousing

6 million kg of air freight shipped monthly

$60 billion of gross merchandise handled annually

Signatory to the UN Global Compact for sustainability

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Stay up to date with the latest EV Cargo news by following our social media accounts. We would also recommend using LinkedIn to connect with your colleagues and counterparts from across the group. Use the platform to get to know your colleagues and engage in industry news whilst proudly building EV Cargo’s brand.

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