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ONE EV Cargo

Leading Digital Platform

ONE EV Cargo is our leading digital platform used by over 20,000 supply chain professionals to power global trade and deliver technology-enabled supply chain management for all customers large and small.

Facilitating Trade

Our customers use the ONE EV Cargo platform to source, select, order, ship, track, clear customs and deliver their international shipments.

Thousands of buyers, producers and logistics service providers worldwide are connected through the EV Cargo platform enabling the secure and sustainable international movement of goods, data and funds.

For domestic shipments, ONE EV Cargo provides real time tracking and visibility, enabling our customers to manage their supply chains by exception from order collection to final proof of delivery.

Our immersive digital customer experience makes EV Cargo quick and easy to interact with, providing technology-enabled supply chain management for all.

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Creating Value

ONE EV Cargo helps create meaningful value for our customers:

Higher Sales
Better customer availability, fewer lost sales.

Higher Profit
Better full-price sell through, fewer markdowns.

Lower Inventory
Better inventory productivity, lower safety stocks.

Lower Logistics Costs
Better routing and loading, fewer, cheaper miles.

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Powering Innovation

The four pillars of our digital strategy:

Digital Experience
To create an immersive digital customer experience.

Service Innovation
To delight our customers with service innovation.

To simplify the work of our employees.

Decision Making
To enable our managers to make great decisions.

Innovation in Action

In the central pallet sortation SuperHub that sits at the heart of our LTL road freight network we have deployed innovative technology solutions on our forklift trucks that tick all four of the digital strategy pillars and help power our sector-leading service proposition.

With each truck handling over 500 individual pallet movements a day, accurate and timely data is critical to delivering relentless service quality and reliability for our members and customers.

All forklift trucks at the SuperHub are fitted with patented proprietary technology that automatically weighs every pallet as it is unloaded into the hub, simultaneously scans the bar code, associates the weight with the specific pallet ID and uploads the data into ONE EV Cargo thereby ensuring accurate weights for safety and regulatory compliance.

They also have high-res cameras that automatically capture an image of every pallet each time it is picked up, use a label scan to associate the images to a pallet ID, then store those images in the ONE EV Cargo shipment file as a record of physical condition to deliver unrivalled freight visibility.


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