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Air and Sea Freight

Air Freight

Air Freight

EV Cargo is a leading provider of global air freight services, wherever you are shipping to and from we have the right solution for you.

Regional Hubs
Our regional air hubs in London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong underpin our global network and service proposition.

Global Reach
Our air freight services enable global trade, linking over 2,400 country pairs worldwide every month, wherever you ship we have you covered.

Competitive Scale
We move over 90,000 tonnes of cargo a year by air, underpinned by our strategic relationships with the world’s leading airlines.

Flexible Solutions
Our multimodal and hybrid air freight solutions include both sea-air and road-air options, giving you the optimum mix of transit time and cost.

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Competitive Scale
On our busiest trade lanes we consolidate your packages for the intercontinental line haul to give you a fast and cost effective courier solution.

Global Reach
Our courier service benefits from our global air freight network, enabling us to move your expedited packages anywhere in the world.

Simplified Process
Our plug and play proposition and fully managed service enables you to ship your expedited packages with the minimum of fuss.

Real Time Visibility
Through our interactive digital platform you can track your courier shipments in real time from door to door.

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Sea Freight

EV Cargo is a leading global provider of sea freight services, whether FCL or groupage, we have the right solution for you.

Global Reach
Our sea freight services link over 500 country pairs worldwide every month, supported by our own offices in all the major Asian and European gateways.

Competitive Scale
We move over 270,000 TEU a year of sea freight, underpinned by our strategic relationships with the world’s leading ocean carriers, we have the competitive capacity to handle all of your global sea freight needs.

LCL Solutions
Our regular scheduled groupage services link the key ports in Asia with our European sea freight hub in Rotterdam enabling us to handle any shipment size and deliver the same level of service reliability.

Door Delivery
Our managed transport services for final mile delivery using road, rail and barge ensure your containers get to where they need to be, service you can rely on.


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Rail Freight

EV Cargo’s regular rail services from China provide a fast and effective link between key manufacturing hubs and the markets of Northwest Europe.

Transit Time
Twice as fast as sea freight, our rail services from China to Europe are the low cost option for your expedited shipments.

Sustainable Transport
Powered by electric traction, rail is the superior low carbon sustainable transport mode for your international shipments from China to Europe.

Flexible Solutions
We can offer a range of door to door rail service options to suit, depending on your shipment size and collection and delivery points.

Local Experts
Our forwarding offices in Poland and Germany have easy access to the primary European rail terminals, ensuring your shipments receive the highest level of care.


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