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Contract Logistics

EV Cargo is a leading provider of bespoke storage, fulfilment and final mile delivery solutions for international supply chains.

Network Coverage
We have contract logistics capability in all of our major operating markets, offering storage, order fulfilment and value added services.

Competitive Scale
Our large and efficient multi-customer contract logistics operations enable us to offer you the highest quality service levels and service flexibility at competitive prices.

Experienced Team
Our operations and solutions design teams have the knowledge and experience to develop and manage the optimum storage and fulfilment operation for your supply chain needs.

Quality Network
Our flagship contract logistics sites are built and operated to the highest standards; safe, clean, efficient and secure.

Managing supply chains for the world’s leading brands

Bardon | In Bardon UK we operate a flagship logistics centre that combines a dedicated NDC for a well-known global omni-channel retail brand along with the UK multi-user e-fulfilment centre that forms a key part of our global cross-border eCommerce service.

Gloucester | In Gloucester UK we operate a dedicated national logistics hub for a major global household appliances brand providing handling, storage and fulfilment for both retail and online orders with final mile distribution nationwide.

Ashby | From our flag ship multi-user logistics centre in Ashby UK, located in the heart of the golden logistics triangle, we offer cross-docking, consolidation, storage, order fulfilment and value added services such re-packaging and re-labelling integrated with nationwide final mile distribution services.

Magor | In Magor UK we operate a dedicated logistics centre to support the manufacturing operations of a major global drinks brand that provides finished goods storage and nationwide distribution along with reverse logistics and related asset management services.

Nettetal | From our multi-user Nettetal logistics centre in Germany, strategically located between the major European inland sea freight gateways of Venlo and Duisburg, we offer handling, storage and final mile distribution services across Northwest Europe.

Le Havre | Our multi-user Le Havre logistics centre in France, located alongside one of Europe’s leading container ports we offer handling, storage and final mile distribution services across Northwest Europe.

On Demand Logistics

Contract Logistics

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EV Cargo is a leading provider of agile on-demand warehousing solutions, giving you the flexibility to optimise your inventory strategy and protect against supply chain disruption..

Flexible Capacity
Our on-demand warehousing service enables you to quickly flex your warehouse space and storage volume in response to seasonal variations, sales volatility or unexpected events.

Comprehensive Coverage
Our network of over 50 3PL partners in the UK and Europe means we can meet your individual needs with warehouse capacity in the right place at the right time.


Agile Set Up
Our operations teams and partner 3PLs can fully stand up a new on-demand warehousing solution for you within weeks of first enquiry.

Supply Chain Visibility
Our proprietary technology platform enables us to view and manage your inventory and orders in one place across multiple warehouse locations.

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Hear from our experts:

We’ve got experience with a huge mix of industries, including B2B and e-commerce sectors. Every single client is totally bespoke, so you are not confined to set packages. We’ve got relationships with the key couriers to deliver to the final mile. We also offer value added services, including preparing pallets to specific regulatory standards and reverse logistics.

PO management is one of the logistics services that we offer to our large and strategic key accounts. We’ve got a number of customers who use a combination of our technology and value added services to track their shipments at PO and SKU level. We have control tower teams at destination and sourcing locations around the world who use all that data to improve supply chains with data analysis.

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