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Industrial Logistics


EV Cargo has built a deep expertise in managing supply chains in several key industrial verticals creating highly effective tailored solutions across air and sea freight, road freight and contract logistics.

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EV Cargo is a specialist in managing supply chains for the automotive industry. Our experienced operators understand the importance of relentless service reliability both for just-in-time manufacturing components and for after sales service parts.

Experienced Team
Our specialist automotive team has a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of international automotive supply chains, we are experts in door-to-door shipment management and customs clearance.

Service Agility
We understand that your automotive supply chain requires the highest level of service responsiveness to meet the exacting needs of your manufacturing and after sales operations.


Specialist Handling
Our specialist warehouse operations supporting the automotive supply chain are experts in storing and handling a full range of components and parts including batteries for electric vehicles.

Time Critical
Whether it is to feed your production line with internationally sourced components or your dealership network with after sales parts, you can rely on the EV Cargo network to deliver on time and in full.

Dangerous Goods
We proficiently manage hazardous shipments integral to the automotive industry. Across air, ocean and road, we ensure safe transportation. We understand the risks posed by temperature variations, vibrations and other factors – and our accredited teams navigate hazardous shipments, ranging from class 1 to class 9 materials, with utmost precision.

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Construction and DIY

EV Cargo manages supply chains for many of the world’s leading construction and DIY brands. Our deep industry knowledge and experience means we fully understand the unique handling and safety characteristics of what can be a complex and varied delivery environment.

Experienced Team
Our specialist operations teams and our well-trained driver force know what it takes to deliver safely and securely to construction sites and other high-risk locations, ensuring your materials get where they need to be.

Specialist Handling
We have the experience and materials handling capability in a number of our warehouses for the safe and secure storage of your awkward, heavy or bulky items to create an integrated fulfilment and delivery solution.

EV Cargo Road Freight

Fleet Solutions
Our large owned fleet can provide either dedicated or networked delivery solutions tailored to your unique requirements, providing the flexibility and service assurance you and your customers need.

Our comprehensive delivery network capability seamlessly supports all of your sales and distribution channels whether it be to construction sites, wholesalers and trade outlets, retailers or direct to home delivery.



EV Cargo manages supply chains for many of the world’s leading packaging brands. Our unrivalled industry knowledge and experience means we fully understand the unique demand and service characteristics of both international and domestic packaging supply chains.

Experienced Team
We have been working for years with many of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers, which means that our operators and our truck drivers have a deep understanding of your business and the service you need from us.

Specialist Handling
Our packaging storage and delivery solutions are tailored to your needs, we use high-cube trailers and containers to maximise the number of packaging units per load to reduce your costs and your environmental impact.


Fleet Solutions
We offer dedicated, on-site and networked road freight solutions using our large owned fleet supported by our central planning team, giving you the certainty and reassurance that we have your volume covered.

Service Agility
We understand well the demand forecasting challenges of the packaging industry where just-in-time manufacturing and supply are key, our packaging logistics solutions are designed to be fast and flexible.

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Paper and Print

EV Cargo is widely recognised as a leader in supply chain management for the paper and print industry. Our industry experts are well versed in the specialist requirements of the industry from raw material movements through finished goods, to recycling.

On-site Solutions
Our on-site management service can orchestrate your entire factory logistics operation, working with your supply chain planners and managing your raw material and finished goods warehousing, along with our dedicated out-based fleet.

Specialist Handling
Thanks to our high-spec fleet and well trained driver force we can safely and securely handle everything from giant rolls of paper to palletised paper and printed products and bales of paper waste for recycling.


Fleet Solutions
We offer both dedicated and networked road freight solutions using our large owned fleet supported by our central planning team, giving you the certainty and reassurance that we have your volume covered.

Integrated Flows
We can interleave your inbound and outbound flow of goods in closed loops to minimise empty miles and your environmental impact by delivering in raw materials from your suppliers and then reloading finished goods for delivery to your customers.

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Technology and Telecoms

EV Cargo has built an enviable reputation for its expertise in managing supply chains for the technology and telecoms industry. Our industry specialists are well versed in the unique requirements of technology and telecoms supply chains, ensuring a high level of care for your high value shipments.

Specialist Handling
The warehouse teams in our key hubs are experienced in the high-care handling of your valuable technology and telecoms shipments to ensure they arrive with your customer safely and securely.

Global Network
Our global network provides comprehensive service coverage by air, sea and road freight for your international shipments between the key technology and telecoms hubs of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia and the Americas.


Experienced Team
Our specialist team of supply chain professionals has the expertise and knowledge to manage the storage, handling, transportation and customs clearance of your international shipments.

Time Critical
We understand the importance of getting your high value technology and telecoms shipments to where they need to be on time to ensure your customers’ installation and fit-out projects stay on schedule.

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