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Value Added Services


PO Management

EV Cargo is a leading provider of international supply chain and purchase order management services, enabling the direct sourcing operations of the world’s leading brands.

Experienced Team
The supply chain professionals in our PO management control towers have unrivalled knowledge and experience of managing international supply chain operations in many industry verticals.

Technology Platform
Our industry leading technology platform combines powerful SKU level functionality with simplified work flows, giving us the visibility and control to optimise your international inbound flow of goods.


Quality Network
Our offices in all the key direct sourcing origins across Asia have years of experience in managing local operations to ensure on time and in full shipping of your international POs.

Blue Chip Customers
Many leading and famous retail and consumer goods brands already use EV Cargo’s PO management service to support their global direct sourcing and international supply chain operations.


Customs and Trade Solutions

Experienced Team
Our highly skilled global team of over 200 customs professionals handles hundreds of thousands of declarations a year across a wide range of commodity groups.

Thought Leaders
Members of our customs and trade solutions team are well respected participants in industry bodies and trade associations, using their expertise to help influence the development of government policy around trade simplification.

Authorised Operator
EV Cargo is accredited by the customs authorities in both the UK and in key mainland European markets as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) for its global forwarding operations.

Bespoke Solutions
Our experts work with you to optimise your customs and excise arrangements throughout your global supply chain.


Reverse Logistics

EV Cargo’s UK and European LTL road freight network provides a fast and efficient collection and consolidation solution for your reverse logistics requirements.

Our pallet collection service in the UK covers every post code every day providing unrivalled flexibility through our network of 150 local collection and delivery depots that are linked every night with our central pallet sortation SuperHub in Burton.

Our LTL road freight hubs in Burton (UK) and Nettetal (Germany) are ideally located at the heart of our UK and European networks to handle the efficient consolidation and final delivery of your reverse logistics shipments.


RF scanning at every step in the collection and consolidation process ensures accurate real time visibility of your reverse logistics shipments through ONE EV Cargo, our industry leading technology platform.

Track Record
Every day we handle reverse logistics shipments for several UK multi-channel retailers, arranging overnight collection and consolidation for linehaul pick up from our central pallet sortation SuperHub.


Supply Chain Engineering

EV Cargo’s specialist supply chain engineers have years of experience in creating bespoke optimised supply chain solutions for our customers.

Data Analytics
We start by understanding your supply chain model inside out, capturing, cleansing and analysing your data.

Flow of Goods
We model your current flow of goods, visualising your supply chain, identifying the pain points and seeking out opportunities to reduce cost, time, complexity and risk.

Optimisation Levers
We work with your supply chain team to understand your prioritisation of operating cost, service level and inventory productivity.

Benefits Case
We prepare the case for change, costing the options, identifying the trade-offs and developing the implementation plan.


Professional Services

EV Cargo’s professional services team is deeply experienced in delivering successful software implementation projects worldwide.

Programme Management
Our London and Hong Kong based professional services teams have many years of experience in successfully managing complex software implementation projects for customers worldwide.

ERP Integration
Our teams are experts in successfully managing the integration of our software with your ERP to enable the seamless two-way flow of supply chain data.

Bespoke Configuration
Our software modules are highly configurable, and our professional services teams will work with you to set the system up to suit your unique requirements.

Operator Training
Our professional services team will help to train your people so they can get the most out of your EV Cargo software from day one.

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