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Supply Chain Control Tower

Control towers add value to supply chain operations by providing full end-to-end visibility for customers, leveraging our sector-leading technology tools to analyse data across multiple sources. Take a look below at some of the benefits of utilising this service and speak to one of our experts to find out how we can help with Supply Chain Control Towers.

Supply Chain Control Tower services at a glance

Unlike traditional freight management software, control towers collect information and data from suppliers, vendors and logistics service touchpoints to provide our teams with real-time insight across the entire supply chain. Coupled with our proprietary technology stack, we can deliver the analysis to help our customers make more informed decisions to optimise supply chain activities.


With the ability to view the entire supply chain from beginning to end, we have easy access to all the data necessary to make informed, smart decisions immediately and effectively.

Adding value

Enhanced visibility allows us to generate value across the supply chain, reduce complexity, ensure the efficient flow of goods and prevent supply chain disruption.


With access to real-time data, we can maximise vehicle utilisation and optimise route planning to reduce transport miles, clash emissions and support sustainability goals.

Predictive comparisons

By analysing similar supply chain processes coupled with AI and neural learning, potential problems can be predicted and eliminated before they happen.

Smart workflows

Our data analysis will ensure your workflows are optimised for efficiency and reliability, with the ability to react intelligently to events in real time.

Collaborative intelligence

The ability to give all members of your supply chain access to the data relevant to them enables you to maximise efficiency and minimise the chance of confusion or delays.

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What are Control Tower services?

For many manufacturers and retailers, visibility across their supply chains remains a top priority to avoid disruption. However, organisations can’t optimise supply chain performance to deliver on customer expectations without end-to-end, real-time visibility. That’s where our supply chain control towers services come in.

We integrate data from multiple sources and use our industry-leading technology and operational tools to provide complete end-to-end visibility across multiple departments and divisions and transport modes. Then we analyse the data to allow businesses to be agile, responsive, more efficient to create operational and environmental benefits. If you are interested in control towers and would like more information on these services, contact us today.

Control Tower Enquiries

Connected Control Towers

Connected control towers are the nerve centre for smart supply chains and we have the ability to provide full end-to-end visibility across divisions, transport modes and countries.


By utilising our bespoke technology, control towers can provide individual dashboards, providing full visibility across your supply chain and the ability to monitor performance in real time.

Operational improvement

We deliver the analysis to help our customers make more informed decisions to help drive operational improvement, efficiency and power sustainability initiatives.

Preventing disruption

Smart control towers allow EV Cargo to optimise day-to-day supply chain management, predict patterns and take informed actions to prevent disruption.

Retail distribution

We can manage the entire retail supply chain – collection of inbound stock from supplier, delivery through primary transport and then secondary distribution into stores.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s Control Tower service

Control towers can provide the analysis to help you optimise stock control, reduce inventory and deliver financial benefits. We’ve also helped global retailers improve container fill, reduce packaging and optimise carton usage. In just over 12 months, retailer M&S exceeded its planned benefit of 15% cost savings. In addition, it also realised improvements in warehousing, fully utilising two automated sites as well as configuring warehouses to deal with stock efficiently. Improved carton quality ensures the company’s commitment to send zero waste to landfill can be met by fully recycling cardboard transit packaging.

Our control tower integrates data from multiple sources across divisions, transport modes, logistics providers and international countries. We are experts in supply chain management and using industry-leading technology and operational tools to provide complete end-to-end visibility no matter how complex the supply chain.

By analysing data from multiple sources and using neural learning, we can deliver enhanced vehicle route planning, optimised packaging, improved stock holding and reduce emissions around transport. Control towers have the ability to power both operational and environmental efficiencies.

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How we can revolutionise the Supply Chain at your organisation with Control Towers

Using the control tower approach we help customers analyse data across different divisions, markets and transport modes to make informed decisions and take action to prevent supply chain disruption. Coupled with our artificial intelligence systems and neural learning, we leverage real-time data to enhance route planning, reduce emissions, improve inventory control and enhance supply chain visibility.

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