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Sea Freight Services

Our Sea Freight Services at a glance

EV Cargo is a leading global provider of sea freight services, whether FCL or groupage, we have the right solution for you.

Global Reach

Our sea freight services link over 500 country pairs worldwide every month, supported by our own offices in all the major Asian and European gateways.

Competitive Scale

We move over 270,000 TEU a year of sea freight, underpinned by our strategic relationships with the world’s leading ocean carriers, we have the competitive capacity to handle all of your global sea freight needs.

LCL Solutions

Our regular scheduled groupage services link the key ports in Asia with our European sea freight hub in Rotterdam enabling us to handle any shipment size and deliver the same level of service reliability.

Door Delivery

Our managed transport services for final mile delivery using road, rail and barge ensure your containers get to where they need to be, resulting in a service you can rely on.


World Class Capability

Our world class capability in global fashion logistics is utilised by many leading brands.

EV Cargo is a leading provider of global fashion logistics services on behalf of retailers, brands and suppliers who are sourcing directly from Asia. Our global fashion logistics solutions, designed by our supply chain engineering team, are tailored by customer to suit their specific requirements.

Our worldwide team of fashion supply chain professionals are specialists in areas such as merchandise planning, ordering and scheduling, garment manufacturing, quality inspection and approval, garment handling, customs clearance and flow management.

Ocean Freight Container Ship

Using our powerful supply chain visibility platform, we manage your international shipments at the order and SKU level, ensuring the optimum flow of goods to support your multi-channel sales and merchandising plans.

Across Asia our CFS facilities in all the main garment export markets are fully equipped and experienced in handling and loading hanging garments. We also offer garment QC checking in many of these facilities, enabling our customers to catch issues early and react in time to maintain customer availability.

Sea Freight Enquiries

EV Track mobile app

Our EV Track mobile app means our sea freight customers can see their shipments at a glance.

We understand that for most sea freight customers they simply want the ability to quicky and easily see where their shipment is.

EV Track is a part of ONE EV Cargo, our integrated proprietary technology stack, and perfectly answers this customer need by making real time tracking data available to consume either on your desktop or on the go by using our quick and simple mobile app, all supported by our highly intuitive chatbot “Evie”.

A great feature of EV Track is that it allows you to self-serve and interactively manage your orders and shipments, such as changing required dates, delivery locations, and even splitting and re-directing your orders, all at the touch of a button.

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Hear from our sea freight experts:

Sea freight is most often the cheapest option, but it is not the fastest. It is a great product for the customers who have forecasted well, so they can reap some cost savings back. In retail for example, brands often buy well ahead of the season so that shipping from Asia to Europe is cost effective.

Our customers in B2B and B2C industries rely on our knowledge of the ever-changing sea-freight market. Currently we focus on short-term contracts, and constantly monitor and predict the market environment ahead to maximise cost-efficiency and vessel capacity. Ultimately, we ensure you get the most volume on board at the cheapest price possible.

We have team members in the UK and Hong Kong, to handle queries from our clients in all time zones. Our monthly newsletters also keep our customers updated on what has happened in the industry, and what is forecasted, so that everyone is in the know.

EV Cargo sets itself apart from the competition with its agile forecasting, and our true availability. You really can speak to our knowledgeable team at any time. We don’t want our customers dealing with a robot on the phone. We talk to our customers in real time, and make fast decisions in their best interests.

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