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EV Cargo’s warehousing services offer safe storage and careful management of internal movement of goods, ensuring all operations are synchronised to reduce cost and preserve product quality.

Warehousing at a glance

Peak performance

Our global warehousing network offers the capacity to manage seasonal peaks, providing consistency and flexibility.


More than 9 million sq ft of specialist warehousing space across the globe. Our On-Demand Warehousing network also offers additional capacity to assist with demand.

Tailored planning

Ensuring the seamless execution of large and complex supply chains, enhancing product flow, reducing handling costs, and improving loading and delivery productivity.

Quality and visibility

Technologically advanced warehousing, protecting products and enabling full visibility of the movement of goods.

Adding value

A full range of pick and pack operations, upstream quality checks, daily store replenishment and returns handling.


All warehouses are ISO14001 compliant to reduce carbon emissions and improve the use of waste and recycling.


What is Warehousing?

National, European and global warehousing is key to logistics management and the improved efficiency of supply chains. As businesses seek to both optimise and refine their supply chains, the need for technology-led solutions offering cost savings is increasing.

National, European and global warehousing solutions

EV Cargo employs a unique warehousing management system that is able to project demand forecasting and reduce the need for buffer stock. Pick management accuracy, improved pallet fill rates and detailed KPI reports gives businesses full transparency, control and efficiency.

Green warehouses

Fully compliant facilities, PIR light sensors, low energy usage, proactive recycling of materials and reusable waste goes to charities and the local community

The right route

At EV Cargo we can improve your supply chain with enhanced product flow, reduced handling costs and improved loading and delivery productivity

On demand

EV Cargo’s systems are designed to react quickly to changes in demand and we can find you the space you need even at short notice


Our facilities provide customers with access to flexible short-term storage and handling solutions from an extensive network of ambient, chilled and bonded facilities across the UK and Europe.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s Warehousing service

A bonded warehouse is a secured warehouse in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty.

We can offer an extensive range of warehouse services across various sectors including but not limited to food and drink, fashion, eCommerce, Paper, print and recycling, packaging, construction and DIY, Industry and engineering and homeware.

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How our network puts solutions within everyone’s reach

With access to over 175 UK operating centres, EV Cargo offers warehousing solutions for all seasonal, project and emergency storage requirements.

Our nationwide network ensures a warehousing solution is always close at hand, to cut your transport costs and carbon footprint.

With the flexibility to adapt to short-notice consignments or excess stock, we give you convenience and peace of mind at all times.

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