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Palletforce trainee accountant Ruth Kitson didn’t spend her Christmas bonus on herself – she used it to help stock up a local foodbank instead.

Palletforce gave all staff members a £50 Asda voucher before the festive season as a special extra thank-you for all the hard work they put in during 2020.

Ruth managed to fill her car boot with rice, pasta and lots of other store cupboard staples, all of which went to her local YMCA foodbank.

Ruth said: “I’ve been lucky enough to grow up without ever needing for anything, and the thought of someone struggling to feed themselves and their family breaks my heart.

“Christmas can be a difficult time for many and 2020 has been an especially difficult year.

“A lot of people will be struggling and in a position they never thought they’d be in, relying on food banks to get by. I wanted to give back to society where I could.”

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