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EV Cargo Technology staff have chosen which charities they would like to support, with the company donating more than £1,300 to four good causes.

The executive team decided to donate £25 to charity for each of their UK employees and the workers themselves could pick which of the selected four charities their money would go to.

EV Cargo Technology wanted to support both local and national organisations, picking MIND and Crisis and well as two charities based close to their Leeds and Slough bases, Simon On The Streets and Slough Homeless Our Concern.

General manager Lesley Wood said: “In light of the challenges 2020 has thrown at us all, and taking into consideration the time of year, we wanted to support MIND, as many of us will have faced mental health issues, and the other charities all support the homeless.

“They all do amazing work all year round but it is particularly critical during the winter months.”

In total MIND received a donation of £475, Crisis £400, Simon On The Street £250 and Slough Homeless Our Concern £250.

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