In today’s fast-paced global marketplace, businesses rely on two key factors to achieve success: expert logistics and the timely transportation of goods.

Fortunately, at EV Cargo, these are our specialities.

Industries that rely on speed and streamlined supply chains trust our market leading air freight management services to keep them operating at maximum efficiency.

Our intuitive network of air hubs located in London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong allows us to move over 90,000 tonnes of cargo a year, connecting businesses with their customers and suppliers across the globe.

But how do you know if air freight is the best option for you? If you’re weighing up the alternatives, here are five key advantages of air freight services from EV Cargo that could help you make your decision.

air freight services (1)
Air freight services offer a reliable and effective means of cargo transit to all corners of the globe
air freight services (2)
By partnering with leading airlines, EV Cargo is able to link over 2,400 country pairs every month

1 – Global reach

Generally speaking, air freight services offer a reliable and effective means of cargo transit to all corners of the globe, ensuring global connectivity for businesses.

However, not all air freight providers offer what we do. By partnering with leading airlines, EV Cargo is able to link over 2,400 country pairs every month. Similarly, our air hubs are strategically positioned near major economic and industrial centres, making them easily accessible for businesses. This proximity to urban and industrial areas significantly reduces the time and cost required to transport goods to and from these key locations. Smart right?

Not only does air freight allow your business to connect with major business hubs but also with remote or geographically isolated areas, such as islands or landlocked countries.

These environments often lack effective ground transportation infrastructure meaning that air cargo becomes the lifeline that bridges the accessibility gap.

2 – Speed and efficiency

Air freight is the fastest mode of international cargo transportation. It will likely cost more than sea freight, but you are paying for agility and customer satisfaction. Air freight is ideal for businesses that need to keep up with ever-changing market demands or to ensure the freshness of perishable goods.

Air freight’s swift delivery also reduces the risk of damage, theft or the spoilage of goods, safeguarding your cargo and minimising financial losses. Similarly many businesses rely on just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing to improve operational efficiency. Air freight aligns perfectly with these principles, allowing businesses to restock supplies quickly and reduce warehousing expenses.

3 – Security

Air freight places a strong emphasis on safeguarding cargo during transit — a paramount concern when transporting high-value or sensitive goods.

Airports and airlines maintain controlled access areas that restrict unauthorised personnel from entering cargo handling facilities and aircrafts. This controlled access minimises the risk of theft, tampering or unauthorised access to your cargo.

Furthermore, our air freight services offer real-time cargo monitoring and tracking systems, providing visibility on the location and status of your shipment throughout its journey.

Air freight services also offer the added peace of mind of strict regulatory standards. These requirements, set by aviation authorities and government agencies, ensure that cargo is handled and transported in compliance with security guidelines and regulations.

4 – Tailored and dynamic solutions

EV Cargo understands that every business has unique logistics needs.

That’s why we offer tailored air freight solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Whether it’s temperature-sensitive cargo, oversized items or complex shipping demands, we can provide customised air freight management solutions that align with your requirements.

Our flexible air freight services also include hybrid air freight solutions, this involves combining air freight with other modes such as road, rail or sea transportation, meaning that your goods can seamlessly reach their destination using a range of transport methods.

5 – Reliable and regular schedules

Our reputable airline partners adhere to strict schedules and flight frequencies, allowing businesses to plan and execute their logistics operations with predictability. This is especially important for industries that rely on precise scheduling, such as manufacturing or medical supply chains.

Flight schedules provide a layer of comfort to businesses that need to forward plan deliveries for products with long lead times. Also, the regular flight scheduling of air freight allows businesses to provide their customers with accurate delivery times, leading to greater customer satisfaction. 

Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, air freight schedules offer a consistent level of service, meaning a reduced risk of delays to your supply chain and production processes.

Choose EV Cargo for Industrial Logistics Solutions

We work alongside major global brands to optimise their supply chains with our leading logistics solutions. We streamline operations by providing innovative supply chain software and delivering over $60 billion worth of goods annually through our extensive global freight services.

EV Cargo continues to deliver leading air freight management and global freight logistics.

 Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, our services can elevate your operations and keep your customers happy.

If you  want to discuss which of our services are the most suitable for your business operations, contact our experts for assistance.