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Trusted by thousands of customers around the world, EV Cargo supports the world’s biggest brands with our industry leading supply chain management and logistics services.

Our expansive range of services allows us to connect markets around the world, delivering over $60 billion goods annually.

We utilise our network of 100+ locations across 25 countries to power the global economy. Developed through more than 60 years of expertise, our continued success is built upon two key pillars, our people and our technology.

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Supply chain software by EV Cargo
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Staying Ahead of the Curve

EV Cargo’s supply chain software provides the ideal all in one platform for proactively managing your entire supply chain, allowing you to make decisions in real time.

By utilising our intuitive supply chain management technology, our customers are able to streamline typically complex logistics and distribution processes from source to destination, all with real time tracking and end to end visibility via detailed analytics, dynamically adapting to the needs of your business.

Whether this means accommodating higher volumes of demand or identifying potential issues early, our integrated SaaS software streamlines your business operations, allowing for a more resilient supply chain ecosystem.

Sourcing Modules

Leverage technology from EV Cargo at the early stages of your supply chain.

With our supplier set up module, you can seamlessly on-board new supplier facilities into your supply chain mapping process.

Our intricate software even features sample management modules, allowing you to manage the sample lifecycle at every stage, recording sample approvals, specifications and sharing test requirements all in one place.

Alongside the above feature, our brief and quote module gives users the power to share multimedia product briefs and full technical specification packs as well as managing the quotation process throughout finalisation.

Also, manage the entire production with our critical path modules. Detailing key scheduling milestones, material procurement and manufacturing, ensuring that shipments are correct and on time.

Compliance Modules

Businesses benefit from our range of compliance modules, covering everything from quality control, package optimisation, ethical trade and partner collaboration.

By fostering a healthy collaboration with your supply base our technology allows businesses to simplify the sharing of important information and documentation with supply chain partners.

Our ethical trade module is able to capture supplier tiering for full traceability, this allows users to record and manage ethical audits for the facilities in your supply chain.

Using our technology, customers can easily schedule and book quality control inspections, share results and approvals and allow direct online access to third party inspectors. With our packaging design module, you can ensure that vendors use your agreed upon packaging specifications, minimising both cost and environmental impact by reducing your packaging footprint. Effective supply chain software from EV Cargo gives businesses the assurance that their practices are standardised and inline with regulatory requirements.

Execution Modules

Create your own supply chain control tower including PO management with our SaaS software platform.

Once integrated with our sourcing and compliance modules, our supply chain execution software enables users to create a complete lifecycle management platform for their products, this powerful technology gives users the ability to manage international shipments and orders down to an individual SKU level.

Manage your goods through the order, ship and deliver processes with total visibility and control.

With live monitoring of order processing, inventory management and regular communications, you can streamline your workflow and gain a competitive advantage.

Analytics Modules

With our Saas software, you can proactively manage your supply chain decision making with powerful data insights.

Predictive forecasting and machine learning use your historical and live data to determine likely outcomes for live shipments, giving you the ability to identify and mitigate any emerging issues before they cause any disruptions to your processes.

As well as providing insights into both internal and external factors that may impact your supply chain, our analytics modules use powerful visualisations to bring your processes to life, helping you to remove the complexities of interpreting operational data.

By collecting and integrating valuable real time data within your supply chain, businesses are better able to optimise internal functions and better predict KPIs, lead times, inventory turnover and on-time deliveries.

Overall, comprehensive data and performance tracking provides companies with the means of adopting a more strategic approach to their operations, optimising performance with communication, consolidation and alignment.  

Speak to Our Experts

Our experts possess comprehensive knowledge and experience in developing optimal supply chain solutions tailored specifically to your business.

With over 2500 logistics professionals, we are able to help you optimise every stage of your supply chain process.

To learn more about any of our advanced supply chain software technologies or other services, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.