The EV Cargo team spent a meaningful day at the Crossroads Foundation site in December, helping to process donations from all around Hong Kong – furniture, electrical equipment, computers, clothing etc – a portion of which are made available to more than 90 countries in need via regular international shipments. We also took part in simulation programmes, allowing us to step into others’ shoes.

Crossroads is a Hong Kong-based, non-profit organization which redistributes quality goods donated by people and organisations to their network of NGOs in Hong Kong, Europe, Africa, SE Asia, Central Asia and the Americas. The organization relies heavily on the kindness of volunteers who help put in their precious time towards a common goal of helping those in need.

We kicked off the day by joining the blind simulation and AIDS simulation programmes. During the blind simulation, we walked through a totally dark room, mimicking the settings of a local village in Africa plagued by the illness known as “River Blindness”, which is caused by a parasite passed from the black fly which eventually permanently robs victims of their sight. Our two lady hosts, who are both blind, helped us explore our other senses. With just a wooden cane in hand, all we could rely on to navigate were sound, touch and scent. It was a brand-new experience for us and we caught a glimpse of how blind and visually impaired people live in places of poverty.

The AIDS simulation programme was another one that impressed us by immersing us into the life of individuals who have contracted HIV/AIDS. We listened to the heart-rending stories, while walking into scenes set up in different rooms.

Following the simulation programmes, we couldn’t wait to roll up our sleeves to assist with the process before the donations are shipped to other countries. We were divided into groups to help with sorting, cleaning, quality checking and packing at different departments on the site to make sure the donations were in good shape when arriving at the destinations. Many of the tasks might seem mundane, but compassionate acts like these are so important. The shipments are all received with deep gratitude.

The team ended the day with a shopping spree in the Global Handicrafts shop in Crossroads, where fair trade and social enterprise items from all over the world are available and the money raised really helps people in poverty.

The EV Cargo team is proud to have been involved in making the resources available to those in need with Crossroads, which fits with our sustainability strategy of local community support and helping others. Sustainability is one of our core values. We always strive to fully engage in our local community and to make a positive impact.

By the time you are reading this, the donations handled by the team will be already on the way to their destinations!

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