Technology-enabled logistics provider EV Cargo has launched an expansion of its Eco-Air freight service to combat global supply chain disruption and transport stock quickly and efficiently.

EV Cargo’s innovative solution is designed to ease customers’ concerns over stock availability levels and get around the huge pent-up demand for ocean freight exports from China in the wake of recent Covid lockdowns.

Eco-Air combines a short ocean freight leg to one of EV Cargo’s global hubs with a ‘block space backed’ inbound air leg. This unique combination means the goods avoid congested destination ocean freight container ports completely and provides customers with a trusted alternative option to build their stock.

The service, operating from all of China’s main line ports plus South East Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent, builds on EV Cargo’s existing offering, expanding it to make it the perfect solution for businesses in the UK, continental Europe and North America. It offers supply chain security without the premium air price-tag or lengthy ocean freight delivery times.

EV Cargo Global Forwarding CEO Clyde Buntrock said: “We are really excited to be launching our peak season congestion-busting Eco-Air product. It is the service some of the world’s leading brands are already using and many more are planning to rely on it to deal with stock availability this season.

“Eco-Air offers cost competitive, reliable, flexible solutions to meet business’ specific requirements, ultra-secure transhipment hubs and faster transit times. We work with premium carriers to ensure we give our clients peace of mind and stock level security.

“It is a best-of-both-worlds solution – with lower costs than premium air freight and much shorter transit times than traditional ocean freight, all with the added, crucial benefit of avoiding what many are predicting to be a ‘peak of peaks’ particularly at destination container ports come July.”

For more information on the Eco-Air product please contact [email protected].

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