Already acknowledged as having the best technology in the industry, express distribution network Palletforce has gone one step further, becoming the first network to roll-out artificial intelligence technology with the launch of Alliance Sense. With the ability to predict delivery issues before they happen, the innovation behind Alliance Sense will help drive Palletforce’s sector-leading service levels further, giving members a competitive edge.

Building on the company’s bespoke Alliance system, Sense uses artificial intelligence technologies to build a neural network that learns from historical data and predicts if any consignments are at risk of service problems – helping Palletforce to deliver on its strategy of growth, quality, safety and service.

Sense is the latest in a line of investments in technology this year, joining the £2 million upgrade of new ePOD2 devices last month and the introduction of the Pallet Selfie – imaging technology which places Palletforce as the only network able to weigh, scan and produce an instant image of every pallet moving through its central SuperHub.

Palletforce collects more than 100,000 tracking events each day with every consignment made up of over 50 individual pieces of data – more than any of its competitors.

Previously this rich pool of information was relatively untouched once delivery was complete, but now Palletforce has become the first express network to use the data to innovatively improve service performance for its members and their customers.

Palletforce has converted the complex technology into a simple red, amber and green indicator within its Alliance system – allowing members to quickly identify consignments which may require attention.

Sense will continue to evolve as it adapts to changes in the network, as new members and customers join and the network’s database of residential deliveries expands. Delivering enhanced quality and customer service the new technology, exclusive to Palletforce members, will help drive long-term growth and stability across the membership.

Dean Hughes, Palletforce IT director, said: “The launch of Alliance Sense is another milestone for Palletforce as we become the first express network to use artificial intelligence and historical data to predict delivery performance. It’s the latest innovation this year, which has seen three major IT-led initiatives deliver a competitive advantage for our members and drive service and delivery levels for their customers.”

Michael Conroy, Palletforce chief executive, said: “Technology is increasingly becoming the critical factor driving service and quality in our sector. That’s why Palletforce continues to invest and innovate in technology and Alliance Sense moves us well clear of the competition. Alongside the other investments across our network, we continue to offer our members long-term stability, growth opportunities and access to the widest range of quality distribution services.”

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