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Sourcing Software for Logistics

EV Cargo believes product sourcing solutions and product development processes have to be optimised for any supply chain to be able to function optimally.

EV Source

Our supply chain sourcing software, EV Source is designed to extend your supply chain visibility and control across sourcing, production, and compliance. We can help you streamline your supplier search, make smarter purchasing decisions and track key milestones. With our tools, you can easily search and compare suppliers based on their capabilities, delivery times, pricing, and more.

Increased collaboration

Enable collaboration on one platform across product development partners, sharing all processes with your supplier base.

Improved visibility

Ensure process and data compliance to provide accurate and real-time visibility across stakeholders.

Optimised processes

Improve your optimum speed to market through active critical path management to ensure goods arrive just in time.

Improved control

Ensure your product has passed quality checks and is received on time and in full prior to shipment.

Tailored to your Business

Fully configurable solutions that are aligned to your sourcing and product development processes.

Sourcing database

Manage all your product sourcing specifications, pricing, supplier and factory information, price history in one place.

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Our Sourcing Software

Brief and Quote

Drives the sourcing process by capturing product specifications and gathering supplier quote submissions to provide true landed cost comparison. Brief & Quote enables you to create and submit a product brief to multiple suppliers for quotation. You can easily compare quotes taking into account all estimated costs, lead times and key supplier metrics to enable you to make informed sourcing decisions.

Critical Path

Digitises complex and manual spreadsheet activity, enabling centralised product critical path management, and providing real-time, ‘single version’ visibility to all parties. Once a decision to source a product has been made, keep everything on track with Critical Path by monitoring milestones along the entire sourcing journey of a product from concept to consumer. Speak to one of our experts to find out how we can help with Sourcing Solutions for Logistics.

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Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s Sourcing service

Yes, Brief & Quote can take into account the varying costs when sourcing from multiple countries of origin when calculating an indicative landed cost price, enabling you to make a fully informed decision when choosing where to place your purchase orders.

Simply, yes. Critical Path is highly configurable, allowing you to define and tailor the key milestones on a Critical Path according to the Department, Product or Supplier for example.

Critical Path can help with this in two ways. Firstly, by tracking key milestones for live orders you are able to closely monitor progress and react as quickly as your supply chain demands, either bringing activities back on track if progress begins to slip, or allowing you to delay or re-route quantity if you need more time. Secondly, Critical Path will highlight retrospectively where bottlenecks and delays most frequently occur, enabling you to improve efficiency or adjust your lead times or route to market accordingly to ensure you receive product when you need to.

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