EV Cargo Global Forwarding HR Manager Jenni Wilkes is hoping she can inspire other desk-bound colleagues to get moving and get fitter.

Jenni is a qualified fitness instructor and teaches six classes a week at her local leisure centre. She recently held a lunchtime session for colleagues.

She says: “I discovered a love for exercise about seven years ago when I attended my first ever bootcamp class. It was such a tough class but the feeling afterwards was great and I knew this was something I wanted to continue.

“I took the opportunity to qualify as a fitness instructor four years ago so I could share my passion for health and fitness and motivate others to reach their goals. I also wanted to promote self-wellness too as I really do believe that we should all be happy and confident.”

Jenni held the lunchtime fitness class to show colleagues the difference  a low-impact exercise session can make.

“I did this class as part of On Your Feet Britain Day, as this was all about moving more and I wanted to give everyone a taster of a low-impact class that was suitable for all abilities. I am so passionate about this I wanted to share it.

“It was really well received and I think a few were surprised that even though it was low impact it gave them a really good work out. It really doesn’t have to be high impact to make a difference.”

Jenni believes small changes to people’s daily routines while working can make a big difference to their wellbeing.

“I always recommend trying to move as much as possible and walking is a great cardiovascular exercise so you could take the stairs or walk to the person you want to speak to instead of calling or emailing them.

“I know that this has been difficult recently as lots of us have been working from home but I have found that going for a quick 20-minute walk at lunchtime has been great. It’s lovely to get some fresh air and exercise all in one go.

“Also, instead of sitting, stand when you can to increase your caloric expenditure.

Walking can be underestimated but it really is one of the best forms of exercise as its low impact, so kind to your joints.”

Jenni says running the classes helps her to relax after work.

“After a day working 9-5 it’s great to either do an online yoga or pilates class, a high-intensity interval training class or go for a run.

“It gives me that ‘me time’ where I can unwind. Also, as I know what exercises are good to alleviate the day-to-day stresses, I can incorporate these into my daily routines.

“And as we get older we need to make sure we are keeping our bones healthy and strong and there’s no better way than exercise.”

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