Stephen Jarman, Vendor Compliance and Performance at M&S will discuss its Packaging Optimisation project

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EV Cargo Technology, one of the UK’s leading providers of supply chain management software, is pleased to announce the EV Cargo Packaging Conference on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at the Palletforce Hub of Innovation in Burton-on-Trent.

With transit packaging becoming ever more critical to the retail supply chain, the Packaging Conference will be focused on helping retailers understand how to optimise, improve and drive greater compliance with packaging throughout the supply chain. The conference will focus on the following areas:

  • Efficient Packaging: Using the right outer carton for the product sounds simple, but there are so many challenges to truly achieving this. However, getting it right can improve pack density, reduce damage and support warehouse automation.
  • Ethical Packaging: With packaging, less is definitely more. Optimal packaging costs less and improves your business, whilst helping save natural resources.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Product ranges and supplier selections don’t stand still. Neither should the focus on packaging. Regular optimisation assessments and ongoing supplier compliance management are just two of the ways to ensure packaging is minimal from both use and cost perspectives.

EV Cargo invites professionals from Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehouse Management, Packaging and CSR to hear from industry experts and some of the most recognisable retailers from the UK High Street, including M&S, on how to improve, optimise and deliver benefits from better use of packaging on the supply chain.

In particular, Stephen Jarman, Vendor Compliance and Performance from M&S will discuss how the retailer has made substantial annual savings as a result of its Packaging Optimisation project with EV Cargo, with details provided on how M&S has increased its container fill from the industry norm of 85% to an outstanding 96%.

Craig Sears-Black, CEO, EV Cargo Technology, comments: “Millions of dollars are wasted annually because of poor transit packaging standards and it’s an issue that is quickly climbing up the agendas of many retailers. This event is an excellent opportunity for supply chain professionals to understand the steps that can be taken to not only dramatically save costs, but to have a positive impact on operational efficiencies and sustainability.”

To find out more about the Packaging Conference or to register your attendance, please visit:

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