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We offer unrivalled experience in multimodal global freight management solutions to suit all transportation requirements incorporating technology-led supply chain visibility and international customs expertise.

EV Cargo’s Freight Management services

Managing freight around the world is a huge challenge. However EV Cargo has spent the last three decades heavily investing in infrastructure, systems, and services capable of operating on a global scale.

Whatever your freight and wherever your destination, EV Cargo is your global freight forwarder with local market expertise.

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EV Cargo equals peace of mind

Whatever your consignment, EV Cargo ensures its secure handling and transport through meticulous planning.

We undertake feasibility studies to coordinate and implement the domestic and international movement of outsize and special cargoes. Heavy lifts, long lengths, time volume and turnkey contracts are supported with export packing and warehousing globally.

Frequently asked questions about EV Cargo’s Freight Management service

Freight management is the process of efficiently and strategically moving freight across a network from its point of origin to its desired destination using various modes of transportation, intermediaries, and technologies.

Multimodal transport consists of carrying a single cargo by different modes of transport (air, land, ocean etc) using Intermodal Transport Units (ITU) such as containers, semi-trailers or swap bodies (interchangeable containers).

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How we can revolutionise the Supply Chain at your organisation?

Our cloud-based supply chain solutions can bring you full visibility across your entire supply chain.

In conjunction with our expert data analytics team, we can help you streamline your systems and make sure you know exactly what is happening across the whole supply chain at all times.

Everything we do is designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency while keeping you in complete control at all times.


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